Sunday, 16 September 2012

The last 24 hours....

So last night I finally started to knit my cushion cover and I have to say I was very excited about the masterpiece in progress. I had no pattern, all I had to do was knit a 17'' square throwing in a few different colours - how difficult could this be?
Well firstly - it probably is easy if there are no animals involved, namely my cat. Finn is a 2 year old apricot creme type moggy and doesn't normally come near me but last night  - well as soon as he spied my wool he was stuck to me like a magnet. He tried to chew my needles and then got hold of some of the lovely moss coloured wool that will blend so nicely with the beige and rust that I had also chosen. He ran off with the end of it and when I tried to pull it out of his mouth there seemed to be quite a lot of it in his mouth/ down his throat/ in his belly etc etc. As I pulled he started to make some very strange noises and his face started to twitch a bit but I wanted my wool back! I did  eventually retrieve it but seeing as it was covered in cat dribble and I had dropped at least 3 stitches in the process my first cushion has gone in the bin. When I say 'cushion' it was actually only about 3 inches worth but I was very disappointed that my creativity had been thwarted in such a grilsy way.
Eldest child was out on the lash and came back with her friend ( who shall remain nameless) and let's just say that they had overindulged a little. So between the sounds and smells of their dinner and drinks coming back up to say hello and the cat / wool incident, I too wasn't feeling great by bedtime. I woke this morning feeling even worse - surely that bottle of shiraz 3 NIGHTS AGO can't still be making me feel so ill??? I have still not dared drink alcohol so am now virtually teetotal.
After a quiet day of more paracetomol and a sneaky nap we decided to go out for a cheeky carvery. It was only Hattie and myself as Martha is babysitting and as we knew X Factor was on at 8pm our eating time was limited. My roast pork and all the trimmings was very nice, but we were literally in and out within half an hour. I did explain to the waitress that we 'had to be somewhere' that was why we were so quick but Hattie said ''yeah at home for X Factor'' straight afterwards. So that is where I am now, all warm and comfy.
I will try and do a bit more knitting 'dreckly' as they say down here. The cat is out and I reckon I can get at least 4 inches done before he returns.
Oh and by the way, I had no pudding tonight - but the nameless phantom puker has dropped off a delicious raspberry and custard'll see.

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