Thursday, 3 July 2014

Relax I'm still here.............

So I haven't blogged for ages. I have been doing the #100happydays malarkey instead and I am now on day 86. It's been a blast but it's nearly over now and so I thought I would gently ease myself back into blogging in a gentle and ladylike manner in a bid to try and get some of my Ukranians back.
Or anyone from Chad - I'm not fussy .
And the last time I blogged was 3 and a half months ago. Have you missed me?
I am still at my fat club target although I am tending to bob around a bit - up 2,  down 3, stay the same etc etc. I am happy with this. I did ask some die hard Slimming World target members the secret to their still snake like hips and they suggested having extra bread ( shriek! ) or the odd extra lump of cheese ( swoon ) but it was all a bit vague the secret to my success is just to still follow the plan and if I feel the need to have a burger ( like today ) then I am good for the next few days and fingers crossed it seems to be working.
I have returned to a weekly class though . I like the banter plus I like the cereal bars. It also keeps me in check if I know that the results of my very busy social life will show at the scales.
And speaking of busy - I am a crumpled waif at the moment. I am doing a quiz on a Monday and Tuesday and it may not sound difficult but it definitely is. I have to keep control of lots and lots of drunk people and some of them seriously need a bit of a slap. My friend Debbie used to do the quiz with me years ago, and I always remember her saying when we got to the pub one night -
''no matter how easy you think this quiz is, for some people it will never be easy''
and that basically sums it up.
I have been heckled, shouted at, hassled and there's a couple of you out there that have had a little tantrum because you haven't won. I don't care who wins. I get paid to do it and as long as the majority of people there appear to be having fun then that's good enough for me.
I am off to London next week to see Robbie Williams with Nicola. We have had the usual last minute drama with the tickets but after a few strongly worded emails and some twitter cursing, they have now arrived. hallelujah.
The week after next I am off to Cardiff to see H graduate. For those of you that don't follow me on facebook , you will have missed the drama of the dresses. I need to have exactly the right thing to wear for this momentous occasion. So far I have bought -
1. An emerald green tea dress from Fat Face. This is still my outright favourite however I cant wear it unless my boobs shrink between now and the 15th July. My chest will take over the entire ceremony and possibly most of South Wales so it's unfortunately a no-no.
2. A Jane Norman navy effort. It would look nice at a funeral or if I got an OBE.
3. A very nice one from Viva, the clothes shop on the corner. I thought that this was the one but I saw someone wearing the same one last night at fat club and I wasn't happy.
4. A White Stuff one with butterflies on. Too smocky and I wore it out for lunch last week and so it's no longer a virgin.
A white linen one with a nice lace border.
I got it from Tescos up Camborne and it cost £16.
 I am going to accessorise.
I still have 12 days of course to change my mind but am going to try and be disciplined.
 And coincidentally the penultimate #happydays photo will be of H in her cap and gown. This was not intended but I think is a jolly nice way to bring it to an end.
An then you blog fans can have me back.
You're welcome.