Thursday, 3 July 2014

Relax I'm still here.............

So I haven't blogged for ages. I have been doing the #100happydays malarkey instead and I am now on day 86. It's been a blast but it's nearly over now and so I thought I would gently ease myself back into blogging in a gentle and ladylike manner in a bid to try and get some of my Ukranians back.
Or anyone from Chad - I'm not fussy .
And the last time I blogged was 3 and a half months ago. Have you missed me?
I am still at my fat club target although I am tending to bob around a bit - up 2,  down 3, stay the same etc etc. I am happy with this. I did ask some die hard Slimming World target members the secret to their still snake like hips and they suggested having extra bread ( shriek! ) or the odd extra lump of cheese ( swoon ) but it was all a bit vague the secret to my success is just to still follow the plan and if I feel the need to have a burger ( like today ) then I am good for the next few days and fingers crossed it seems to be working.
I have returned to a weekly class though . I like the banter plus I like the cereal bars. It also keeps me in check if I know that the results of my very busy social life will show at the scales.
And speaking of busy - I am a crumpled waif at the moment. I am doing a quiz on a Monday and Tuesday and it may not sound difficult but it definitely is. I have to keep control of lots and lots of drunk people and some of them seriously need a bit of a slap. My friend Debbie used to do the quiz with me years ago, and I always remember her saying when we got to the pub one night -
''no matter how easy you think this quiz is, for some people it will never be easy''
and that basically sums it up.
I have been heckled, shouted at, hassled and there's a couple of you out there that have had a little tantrum because you haven't won. I don't care who wins. I get paid to do it and as long as the majority of people there appear to be having fun then that's good enough for me.
I am off to London next week to see Robbie Williams with Nicola. We have had the usual last minute drama with the tickets but after a few strongly worded emails and some twitter cursing, they have now arrived. hallelujah.
The week after next I am off to Cardiff to see H graduate. For those of you that don't follow me on facebook , you will have missed the drama of the dresses. I need to have exactly the right thing to wear for this momentous occasion. So far I have bought -
1. An emerald green tea dress from Fat Face. This is still my outright favourite however I cant wear it unless my boobs shrink between now and the 15th July. My chest will take over the entire ceremony and possibly most of South Wales so it's unfortunately a no-no.
2. A Jane Norman navy effort. It would look nice at a funeral or if I got an OBE.
3. A very nice one from Viva, the clothes shop on the corner. I thought that this was the one but I saw someone wearing the same one last night at fat club and I wasn't happy.
4. A White Stuff one with butterflies on. Too smocky and I wore it out for lunch last week and so it's no longer a virgin.
A white linen one with a nice lace border.
I got it from Tescos up Camborne and it cost £16.
 I am going to accessorise.
I still have 12 days of course to change my mind but am going to try and be disciplined.
 And coincidentally the penultimate #happydays photo will be of H in her cap and gown. This was not intended but I think is a jolly nice way to bring it to an end.
An then you blog fans can have me back.
You're welcome.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

dietdevil: Sniff Sniff Sniff

dietdevil: Sniff Sniff Sniff: So in case any of you have missed this - I LOVE springer spaniels. I have 3 of them and I adore them and the Mummy of the youngest one has ...

Sniff Sniff Sniff

So in case any of you have missed this - I LOVE springer spaniels. I have 3 of them and I adore them and the Mummy of the youngest one has just had more puppies so I went to visit.
They were squishy and they were cute and they made little 'ooh ooh ' noises and I basically wanted to sniff them for hours and nibble their ears. I obviously didn't do this as I do occasionally manage to control myself in puppy type situations but they were adorable!

And as cute as they all are - they will grow into these .........
So there will be no new additions to the Noall Spaniel gang - definitely not!
But isn't there something totally delicious about the smell of anything baby? Whether it is a dog or a cat, or even an actual human, it makes my ovaries throb and my head go a little fuzzy. I love them and that is that.
And moving on from our canine chums, my life has been a little up and down recently.
I am very proud of myself for handling it quite well though and despite being stressed and upset over things I cant really do anything about, I haven't sunk into the awful depression that I had last year. My pecker has been well and truly up and as awful as my annus horribilus 2013 was, in a way it did me a favour as the events of this year are nowhere near as bad as the things that caused me to crumble last year.
And I appear to be still at target weight wise!
I have thrown in a few treats on a Thursday and Friday ( not sausage rolls or doughnuts I hasten to add ) and I eat my normal healthy stuff for the remainder of the week. I am never going to be 100% happy with myself but then again who is? and I am enjoying the moment and may try and tackle another half stone at some point in the future but not just yet.
And spring has sprung!
St Ives was shrouded in a weird fog last week and I am ecstatic to announce there has been no rain for what seems like ages now. The farm where the beautiful puppies live was bathed in golden sunshine and driving back through the winding lanes there was birds chirping and it was all very lovely.
I also have been overtaken by quiz type things. I am resuming doing the weekly quiz for the local pub on a Monday and am doing a couple of charity ones soon and then before I know it I am back up the campsite every Tuesday. I enjoy them and love having a microphone
''look at me and listen to me''
 so it's all good.
And of course - 3 huge events to look forward to
1. Dolly in Cardiff
2. Robbie at the O2
3. Hattie graduating.
Diamante and tassels for the first, Gig chic for the second and posh frock for the third so I best start saving and then get myself off doing the sort of shopping that I actually like now - clothes!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

dietdevil: My heart strings were tugged today and I wore shor...

dietdevil: My heart strings were tugged today and I wore shor...: So I went shopping and I saw something in Tescos that made me feel very sad. It's too personal to put on here in case the 2 people in q...

My heart strings were tugged today and I wore shorts.

So I went shopping and I saw something in Tescos that made me feel very sad. It's too personal to put on here in case the 2 people in question should read it but it made me fill up a bit. I am saying no more. Life can be a total bitch and it definitely has been for these people.
I am moving swiftly on.
 I did an austerity shop. I hate shopping at the best of times and I have now been lured by the cheap meats of Camborne so anything that was thrown into my trolley was thrown in with a roll of my eyes and a loud 'TUT'! I excelled myself with some of the bargains I found though and not  a single one had a value sticker on so I was doubly pleased.  I think the depressing thing about food shopping though is the fact that no matter what you buy, you will have to go and do the same thing again the following week. Shopping day is groundhog day as far as I'm concerned.
And the weather is gorgeous! The predicted heatwave did arrive.
Too good to be shopping for long and so I took advantage and I did some weeding. I am not one of life's natural gardeners by any stretch of the imagination. Armed with my new hoe and wearing a pair of shorts that kept falling down I tackled it. I then realised that I had no idea where my gloves were so I went in bareback. There was a couple of whopping worms and I touched one and managed not to vomit and carried on until the front garden was weed free and the bulbs that Leanne gave me were planted. She even walked past my house and I am sure she was doing it to check that I was doing it right too. I could tell she was impressed.
And the good news is that I appear to be back at my target weight after the pastry shenanigans. I was good yesterday and have been good today and thankfully feel a lot better. Roast turkey for dinner with some of my beloved sprouts and a large glass of merlot should finish off the day nicely. I have nearly finished the quiz for the quiz final on Thursday with just a bit of nipping and tweaking required. Some of the questions are easy and some are real stinkers but it should sort the wheat from the proverbial chaff. I like both the teams that are partaking in the final and I really wouldn't like to say who I think would win but it will be a good night.
As long as I avoid the buffet obviously.
I also was going to attempt one of my infamous recipes using things that you can eat on Slimming World. It was pancakes and there was smash potato in them. I didn't have any smash in my cupboard and I fancied bacon and eggs instead so I didn't bother. I am thinking that tomorrow I will instead. My friend Jenna assured me that they were quite nice but I think they may be a no no from the word go as I don't really like pancakes that much anyway. These things need to be tried though - if only for the comedy factor.
And finally, this month I am determined to finish reading the book group book as I have been quite naughty recently. This month's choice is 'The Book Thief' and by all accounts it is a cracker. The trouble is that I am reading yet another Jenny Éclair and she is very funny whereas the book group choice is set in Nazi Germany so I am guessing the laughs will be few and far between.
We all need a bit of humour in our lives but we all need to read allocated books too so I am going to finish this blog right now and crack on.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

dietdevil: I am Gillian McKeith.............but I don't look ...

dietdevil: I am Gillian McKeith.............but I don't look ...: So here was my idea for Thursday.....have no dinner and enjoy the buffet at the quiz. Great in principle but not so great when you are on y...

I am Gillian McKeith.............but I don't look at people's poo.

So here was my idea for Thursday.....have no dinner and enjoy the buffet at the quiz. Great in principle but not so great when you are on your third drink by the time the buffet arrives.
When it got there it was fine and I may have even salivated a little. There were big fat sandwiches, onion rings , chips and rather a lot of scampi. I was on my fifth piece when I said 'I don't know what the hell is inside these breadcrumbs but I like it' and Geordie Andy reliably informed me it was scampi, the great culinary masterpiece of the 1980's. Anyway, I had 4 doubles and was fine and came home full of scampi, bread and booze - three of my now  favourite things.
Yesterday I was hanging. Not since Polish Christmas have I been so hungover and that rendered me incapable of speaking for at least 2 days. I started off okay in the morning but as soon as 3pm hit I went down quicker than a whore's drawers. It was not good and in a moment of stupidity I convinced myself that I needed some stodge so I trotted off to Warrens and bought -
2 x sausage rolls ( jumbo ones )
2 x doughnuts ( one jam and one had something sweet and sticky inside  it )
I ate them and at the risk of sounding like Gillian Mckeith or Gwyneth Paltrow they made me feel even worse. I had palpitations and I was giddy and not with pleasure and this leads me to the belief that it wasn't what I drank but what I ate!
To some of you this may sound lame, but I think it's true. For the past 6 months I have been virtually virtuous and I think the overload of fried stuff and bread stuff pushed my now healthy insides over the edge. The sausage rolls ( jumbo ) and the doughnuts added to this. It taught me a couple of lessons.
1. I should have had my dinner before the quiz and then just had a couple of bits as a treat.
2. Pastry and cakes are no longer my friends.
3. In future when people tell me to have a cake I can say 'oh no I have an allergy' and look like a bit of a knobhead.
And so today I got back on it. This was after weighing on my newly reclaimed scales and seeing that I am a pound up.
Was it worth it?  - not really.
Will I do it again? - probably but perhaps not as much.
And it is true what dear old Gillian says - you are what you eat and generally if you eat crap you feel crap. I realise I am possibly being a bit of a smug dieter here, but at the moment this is how I feel.
Today I have cleansed myself and feel a lot better. Lots of fruit and veg and meat. I am hoping that I will get rid of the surplus by fat club on Wednesday and if I don't then I will take it on the chins.
And on a jolly note - I saw an old friend today who groped me , presumably to do a flubber check and was amazed at how much  weight I had lost. It's times like this it's worth it and I am thankful that the aroma of sausage roll and doughnut had been replaced by porridge and banana.