Friday, 7 September 2012

Is it rude to peep?

As today's picture shows September is a proper scorcher down here - the best month to visit in my humble opinion, when the weather gets it right. Driving along the harbour front is still a nightmare though - tourists down here seem to forget there are pavements and prefer to amble up the middle of the road. Now this is all well and good if you drive a diesel car, a bus, a lorry or a motorbike, but my quiet little Berlingo purrs as quietly as a shy pussycat and we seem to spend a lot of time hovering behind people waiting for them to click that there's a vehicle about to bash their bums. I do urge my hubby to 'peep' but he refuses to and as I was blessed with neither  patience or tolerance, it can really wind me up especially when I'm in a hurry.
One such incident today - driving down Lifeboat Hill and there was an old fella walking right down the middle of the road in front of us. A chap on the pavement tried to tell him to move but the road walker didn't hear so hubby assumed he was deaf.
Me - oh just peep!
Al - No, cos I'll probably give him a heart attack
Me - Grrrrr ( then to a woman passing my car) - Hello- would you mind asking that chap to move....we need to get going and don't want to peep ( I was lying at this point  - I have never wanted to peep more in my whole life)
Smug woman by car - NO! could just try waiting.
So that was me told good and proper! I wanted to tell her to get lost but as my ultra patient hubby was grumbling beside me, I bit my tongue. A major problem we have down here is that anyone who is working in a job that involves driving is almost met with hostility and lots of loud comments like ''oh they should pedestrianise it'' or ''look out here comes another nutter - how dare they drive on the road'' etc etc . It's not only me that gets annoyed - we are trying to work and invariably it's in jobs that are trying to ensure these moaners have a good holiday and our jobs are made even harder by buggies, wheelchairs and old grannies being thrust in fornt of a moving car!
Anyway, that's my rant over for today - maybe I shall look at my photo of the glistening sea and sandy beach again to calm me down. Alternatively I could just bring wine o clock forward by a few hours................

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