Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bacon butties, canelloni and hotpots.

The weather is beautiful down here at the moment - I had planned on having a wander around town today but got no further than my office as it turned out to be a lot busier than I initially expected. I could see hoards of people trooping past my window armed with buckets, spades, windbreaks etc while I battled on the phone with people that if they had another brain cell it would be lonely.
My vegetarianism is no more - well not for today anyway. I had the best bacon butty ever for breakfast, cooked by my husband and I have to say, it was like angels dancing on my tongue. My mother and mother in law have not touched meat for over 40 years but they both admit to salivating over the smell of bacon - I just can't resist it, and like I have already mentioned, the fact that my neighbour Gill runs a bed and breakfast and I wake up to the smell of grilled bacon and home baked bread every day is torture when I think I can't have any.
My fellow fat clubber Beccy brought me down some lovely canelloni for lunch and I gave her some of my chicken and cauliflower curry from last night. It's good to share - especially when the food is as nice as the meals that  Beccy and I cook.
And for dinner? Well..............Hattie and Martha are off out somewhere to eat and I REALLY WANT TO  GO  - but if I do go I just know that I will tuck into naughty stuff and the inevitable STP with clotted cream so am staying put. I have taken a leaf out of Betty from The Rovers and have made a hotpot for hubby and I - it's not quite as exciting as what I could have in a restaurant, but any form of meat, potatoes and gravy is always good. Maybe it's my Northern roots but it gets me every time.
And tomorrow is the start of another weekend - it's still quite busy, but in a nice way and it will get busier as The St Ives September Festival is about to start and that usually pulls the crowds in. Every year I say that I will go along to one of the many shows on offer and every year I get sidetracked but I am determined this year to do it.
St Ives is a lovely town and apart from August, I love living here......maybe I now might have a bit of time to enjoy it.

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