Saturday, 29 September 2012

Life's too short to say no to a STP!

So another mad day in St Ives. I managed to survive without bursting into tears and shouting at too many prople so I would call it a success. It started off cold but the afternoon turned into a proper scorcher. I wish I was on holiday right here in this town.
Tonight I am going out for a meal for a friend's birthday to my favourite restaurant! - I love it there and I particularly love their sticky toffee puddings. I know I am meant to be behaving myself this week but after the weekend I have just had I think I deserve a treat and I honestly don't think I can sit there and not order one. I browsed the menu earlier on in the week when I was being ultra angelic and I thought ''oh yes, I can have grilled fish with mash and water'' - now I am thinking ''pass me the wine and get that duck filo parcel, sirloin steak and stp in my belly''.
I have an issue with paying for a meal that I could have cooked myself and anybody can grill fish so I am going to forget I am following Slimming World and follow my hunger instead.
We have had a bit of an incident with the spaniels today. I left the room for a couple of minutes and came back to the usual bedlam.
Freddy had eaten the end off an umbrella and Mutley had eaten at least a couple of sudafeds. He has slept all afternoon and oddly enough he didn't snore once - he seems to have very clear sinuses. My spaniels will eat absolutely anything but even I was surprised at their choice of snack today.
It's also X Factor tonight and I am recording it to watch later if I haven't had too much wine.
Martha has her friends coming round to watch a dvd.
Hattie is probably going out to hit the town in Cheltenham.
Hubby is glad that he's got some peace and quiet.
I am deliberating as to whether to have clotted cream or ice cream with my pud will most probably be  both!

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