Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For the last time ever!

I went shopping today to buy my last school uniform ever! Martha goes into her final year and as much as she assured me that  the frayed cuffs and holey pockets in her blazer would be fine I knew I had to buy her a new off we trooped to Camborne.

For any non Cornwall readers, this will mean nothing to any of you, but let's just say Camborne is no Knightsbridge but bizarrely the only place that sells the allocated clothing for our local school.

The 'sales assistant' belonged in a Little Britain sketch or on a Jeremy Kyle show, I can't decide which and she was having no nonsense from Martha or any other kid in the area. There was an incident involving a tape measure which I feel would be tactless to go into at the risk of being disowned by my own child, but we had shopped and gone within 10 minutes! I should also add that Hattie was there too and as she is 20 in a month's time was downright chuffed that they asked which child I was buying the uniform for.

We then trooped off to Tesco Extra, can I just shout I HATE TESCO EXTRA  - I normally shop online for our groceries as I am less tempted by bargains ( ie, things I don't really need) and the wafting aromas of the bakery etc etc but I struggle with any supa sized store that entices you to fill your trolley up with throws, scented candles and kitchen gadgetry and therefore leaving you nowhere to balance your potatoes.

We were all hungry so had lunch there - my dry jacket potato with some even drier tuna mayo filled me up but did not tantalise my taste buds. I am eating meat today as there was nothing other than a tuna jacket spud that I could eat and I am doing something inventive with chicken for dinner so vegetarianism will have to take a back seat until tomorrow.

Hattie bought some bits for her new palatial student house in Cardiff and Martha bought lots of stationery. As much as I hate Tesco Extra, even my hardened heart melted when I saw their array of pens, paper and multi coloured binders that just shriek 'it's a new term - buy me buy me'.

We did not buy shoes and the skirts looked like something an evacuee would have worn in 1940 so it's back to online shopping for the final few bits. We also have no idea where her p.e kit is but I think if I plunge my hand into the bottom of the laundry basket I may just be able to retrieve it before Monday.

The younger kids schools in St Ives all went back yesterday and Tuesday and all my younger friends posted pictures all over Facebook of their very very sweet looking offspring posing obligingly in crisp shirts and starched skirts. It made me feel a bit glum that this is the last back to school time ever for us all but also quite relieved that I wont have to go back to 'that' shop up Camborne.

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