Saturday, 15 September 2012

My 2 bathtime visitors

So another busy day and I am so glad it's all over. I am sat in my favourite attire ( my jammies ) waiting for dinner and for X factor - party on! I am now on  day 2 of my hangover from the wine I drank almost 48 hours ago and I just want to feel better. I love red wine but this will be the first Saturday night in a long long time that I wont be having any. I find this fact very sad because I only every really enjoy X Factor because of the wine.......
For anyone that knows me they will confirm that my house is always very 'busy' - the phone never stops ringing, the door never stops being knocked and there is always somebody wanting a piece of me. Without trying to sound like a drama queen, most of the time I just want to be left alone.
This never happens!
Not even when I am the only human in the house and I want to bathe in a product that is promising me 'relief from my stress and anxieties'. I want that purple gooey gel that I pour into the water and froth with my hand to bring me inner piece and eternal contentment like what it says on the chance, no chance at all!
Maddie and Mutley decided to keep me company and because their Daddy was out they were keeping a vigilant eye on the door and their big floppy brown ears open. He is the bringer of dog treats and the scratcher of bellies and his absence is always noted and missed.  You will notice Freddy isn't in this photo - he thought it would be more fun to drag some bubble wrap from the bin and pop it and bark at it than to sit by a foaming tub. The foaming tub by the way, is the bath, and not me having some sort of fit....
I find it quite endearing that the spaniels follow me wherever I go - they are very rarely left alone and when they are,  neighbours from miles around have reported their howlings and sad faces at the window that would not be out of place on an RSPCA poster. They can certainly pull on the heart strings and sometimes when I tell them to 'go away' their faces make me feel so guilty that I end up giving them even more fuss than they were after in the first place.
So it's an alcohol free quiet few hours for me tonight - we have established that I am no longer fit to party like its 1999 or 2012 or whenever and I am rather quite excited that I am going to start KNITTING MY CUSHION COVER!
Am I officially old? - yes probably
Have I stuck to my diet today? - next question
Will I ever drink wine again? - Ask me tomorrow - X Factor is on then too!
Happy Saturday evening everyone xxx

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