Monday, 24 September 2012

A shaggy dog story.......

So I decidded to go to the deli for a nice sandwich for lunch and I banged into Ellie, one of Hattie's friends and she had this gigantic fluffy dog with her - called Ticky.
She looked like a husky but wasn't a husky and I can't actually remember what breed she was but she was gorgeous! She has the most amazing fluffy coat and brilliant markings on her head and she loved being made a fuss of, which I'm sure must happen wherever she goes.
Obviously when I came back the 3 spaniels could smell her on my hands and their eyes were bulging with jealousy and intrigue. They haven't left me alone since and I have had to do much assuring that they're still the number one canines in my life.
Back to Slimming World tomorrow and I am half dreading it and half looking forward to it. I have had the lovely sandwich as mentioned above and a Belgian bun to settle my nerves . I will do a Tesco shop later to ensure that I have healthy food in the house and will try and avoid any buns, Belgian or otherwise from tomorrow and onwards.
Tonight I have written a quiz to raise funds for Morvah ( a nearby ish village in the middle of the Cornish countryside) art gallery and I am hoping there will be a good turnout. I love writing quizzes and am much better at writing them than playing them. My friend Debbie has done an excellent round for me to use but I can't divulge any more information incase any Morvah-ites are reading this blog - I'm sure they have the internet up there so it's a definite possibility.
I love the spirit of goodwill in a small community like Morvah - last time I went there was to a Young Farmers carol service at the church where both my girls were doing a reading. It was dark when I parked my car and I did wonder at the time why on earth everybody was carrying torches.
I found out why on the way out of the church when I fell from the top to the bottom of the church steps. I was extremely embarrassed, my kids were trying their hardest not to cry with laughter and apparently as I hobbled off to my car I wailed ''THE COUNTRYSIDE SUCKS''.
I am hoping tonight that I manage to remain vertical but I will be tucking a discreet little torch in my handbag just incase.............

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