Friday, 14 September 2012

Ouch - I need comfort food.

So last night we decided to go out for a farewell dinner as Hattie is going back to uni soon. We wanted to go to The Seafood Cafe but they were fully booked so instead we went to a place that I walk past dozens of times a week but have never eaten in - The Wave - All I can say is 'WOW' - the food was amazing and so was the wine..........the whole bottle of wine that I drunk on my own!
I knew when I was quaffing and glugging that I shouldn't have been and I know I should have maybe drunk some water but hey ho, I didn't - and so this morning I was feeling as rough as a badger's a**e.
No amount of headache tablets , water and bananas would get rid of the stampede of elephants in my skull so I just growled and carried on. It was probably made worse by a couple of 'blips' at work - I don't wish to go into details as I have now calmed down and my headache has gone but all I can say is 'AAAARRRRRRRGHHHH'.
My scales in the bathroom were also causing me some anxiety and when I registered the reading on them I was shocked , ashamed and mortified. I hoped that I was still seeing double but unfortunately I think my week of non healthy eating has stuck around - mainly on my hips and tum. I know I have bad days but this took the proverbial ( chocolate ) biscuit and only some tough talking to myself was going to spur me back on track.
I had wholemeal toast with marmite ( I love it! ) for breakfast, a chicken salad from the deli for lunch and that leaves the question of what to do for dinner - ie, what do you give a hungover dieter that needs to follow the Slimming World Plan when all they want to do is eat chips? Easy! - anything involving mashed potatoes and gravy that's what!
So - it's LOW FAT ( are you reading this my dear hubby? ) sausages, mashed potatoes with cabbage and leeks , lovely thick onion gravy and posh broccoli. Mash and gravy is my ultimate comfort food - I love it. Maybe it's because I am Northern or maybe because it involves virtually no chewing but whatever it is, it hits the spot every time for me.
It may not be as fancy as last night's duck and pecan cakes with sweet chilli dressing, Cornish free range chicken on sauteed polenta with balsamic vinegar and apple and stem ginger pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream but I know it's just what I need. There will also be no wine with tonight's dinner. I don't want to see, sniff or slurp red wine again...............or maybe until tomorrow when X Factor is on.
I would love to hear what everyone else likes to eat when they need a bit of TLC?


  1. my indulgence is steak and kidney pudding, mashed potatoes, beans and gravy - now you are making me hungry!

  2. You see Terri - mash and gravy again - yum yum