Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oh Freddy..............

If my 5 month old pup Freddy was a little human boy and I was his teacher I would say to his mummy - ''Freddy hasn't had a very good day today''.

Every day for Freddy is still groundhog day - I love his zest and enthusiasm every single morning but today I haven't loved what he has found to amuse himself.

1. He ran into the bathroom and then ran downstairs with the toilet roll holder in his mouth. He then removed the base ( it's an upright one ) and proceeded to shred the one remaining loo roll - please note, his nickname is Shreddy.

2. When I was loading the dishwasher the phone rang so I left the kitchen. I heard an almighty crash, Maddie and Mutley were standing outside the kitchen looking shocked and on the kitchen floor was my favourite plate in about 100 pieces. he had climbed onto the open door of the dishwasher and had nosed the plate off the side as there was a little bit of very tempting looking of bacon on it and it fell. I have never seen a dog run so fast or look so guilty.

3. Martha had a bar of fairtrade white chocolate with crispy  bits in it. Before anyone thinks the worst, I resisted. She had eaten only one square and nipped upsatirs and came down to find only the wrapper left and again, a very guilty looking Freddy.

The trials and tribulations of being a puppy owner?  On the plus side, he very rarely chews anything as he has a real life toy in Mutley that he can chew, chase and wrestle with to his heart's content. He is also extremely cute so I can't stay angry for long. He also has discovered the old tin bath in the horse field where he likes nothing better to wallow in after a good long run.
On a non dog story note - I have been a whizz in the kitchen today. I made a slimming world recipe of lamb danzak and as much as I don't think the Rajput has anything to worry about, it really was delicious. I have also decided to cut back on my meat consumption! having been inspired by a couple of vegi friends I think it just may make me try some different foods and eat some more vegetables. Tomorrow is day one - I am aiming to do it for life, just giving it a go............
I should also point out that my neighbour runs a b and b and the smell of bacon wafting into my house every morning is not going to be a problem.............honest!

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