Thursday, 30 December 2010

''One at a time love'' said the talking scales......

Well Christmas is well and truly over - my tree is limp, my patience is spent and my fridge is nearly back to normal - when I say 'normal' what I mean is that there is no longer mysteriously shaped and coloured cheese and gallons of double cream. It now has milk and bacon and salad stuff - stuff that new years resolutions are made of!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010 and in true 'new beginnings' style I rejoined all my pals at Fat Club on Tuesday, tried not to cry too much when I got on those infuriatingly accurate scales ( if they were talking ones , what would they say???? ) and came home motivated to get off my posterior and do something POSITIVE!

As you already know, Robbie and I are meeting up on June 22nd 2011 and I have have HAVE to look good! This is now 25 weeks away and I am still going for 2 pounds a week - it's not as much as I had initially anticipated but my medical condition ( I like eating ) has prevented me from being good and has forced me into devouring lots and  lots of mince pies etc. Well now the mince pies are gone and so , soon, will my extra weight......nothing can stop me, there is nothing to tempt me........OR SO I THOUGHT........

A gift from a client which should have arrived before Christmas has just been delivered - it is a John Lewis luxury hamper - it has wine, coffee, LUXURY mince pies, LUXURY fruit cake, LUXURY cheese straws, LUXURY fudge, LUXURY chocolates - it is the Tara Palmer Tomppkinson of the hamper world and I am donating it to my 2 favourite Christmas fairies - they know who they are and I hope they realise the sacrifice I have made.

On that jolly note, I am going to now sniffle into my iced water.......

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Joke .....and a million lame excuses.

Well what a few days - I haven't blogged since Friday when it all seemed to be going quite well but err, woops, ummm, it all went a bit downhill!

Weekends are always a bit tricky for me as I only actually go out to work 2 days a week and as those 2 days are Friday and Saturday, it's a bit of a no no. Also, as X Factor is nearing to a close and tensions are running high the only 2 things that will keep me relatively calm are merlot and chocolate . I know it all sounds like lame excuses ( it IS lame excuses) but please bear with me.

And then of course came the snow.

I am infact from Alnwick , a cobble streeted medieval town in Northumberland , which is now famour for its' snow. When I was a bairn I often romped in 6 foor snow drifts and  my Dad often dug a clearing down the path so we could get out - so let's just say I'm no stranger to the cold white stuff.

I now live in St Ives , a cobble streeted town in Cornwall, which is famous for its' golden sandy beaches, palm trees, Tate and seagulls. I have lived here for 21 years and it NEVER snows, or if it does it's a pitiful amount that would only attract scorn from an average Northumbrian but , on Monday it DID snow and it DID lie and this meant that the schools were shut and we couldn't go anywhere in the car and we had to eat more chocolate and drink more wine just to keep warm. It also meant that I couldn't go to Fat Club as it is situated up a very icy and windy road at the top of town ( I live at the bottom ) which gave me even more carte blanche to basically be naughty.
 To add insult to injury my central heating has also decided to go the same way as my teenage daughters and act downright tardy. I press buttons and I can almost hear it saying ''yeah whatever - I'll switch on when I like - just quit nagging me - oh that's it I'm off'' but thankfully my David Hasselhoff lookalikey plumber came and sorted it out.

So that's all my lame excuses. The snow has melted in St Ives, the schools are open again and I am eating porridge with blueberries and bananas so fingers crossed I will continue to behave...................for now xxx