Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Poorly people and cheap as chips - literally!

This morning I woke up after a better night's sleep - Monday's are quiet in St Ives so no frollocking outside my window in the early hours. I did decide however, to give fat club a miss this week for a couple of reasons - I had tons to do at home and I basically wanted a day to myself. Oh, and also last night, I hit an all time culinary low - we decided to dine out and wanted to keep it cheap so we went to..................J D Wetherspoons - or Spoons as Hattie affectionately calls it.
Now, I'm all for a bargain, but 3 main courses and 3 drinks for £23? I pride myself on having a fairly educated and discerning palate but I have to say that I certainly got what I paid for! I plumped ( ha ha ) for the burger and chips and as I was hungry, I ate it - but oh dear, it was pretty naff. As I am generally quite well behaved food wise I could taste the fat that they had fried it in - and almost 24 hours later.............I can still taste it. It served a purpose though and the place was packed but I don't think I will be knocking people over on  the way to go back there.
St Ives has loads of wonderful restaurants and although they may be a bit more expensive there are bargains to be had - 2 for the price of one, earlybird and lunchtime specials etc and to be honest, these other restaurants are just downright nicer! Hattie likes Spoons because I think you can get a jug of Pimms for 30p or something like that and in all fairness your average hungover and hungry uni student is no Nigella or Hugh but I still struggle with big chain companies masking crap food behind cheap prices and getting away with it.............oooh hark at me -  I am Jamie Oliver - apart from the fact that I don't have a lisp and I'm not a man and I'm not quite as annoying - well I hope I'm not.
 I haven't eaten much today and I must saying not being with all my fat club chums has been odd and today hasn't felt like  a Tuesday should feel. I did all the things at home I hoped to and have recharged my batteries a bit so am glad about that.
Now on to poorly people - my dear hubby has had a very nasty tummy bug. he didn't come to Spoons so I can't even blame it on that , but he is genuinely not very well. He got up this morning - had some breakfast and then went straight back to bed. I left him to sleep - he needs to be well to drive to Cardiff on Sunday as me and motorways aren't a good combo. It was only when he wasn't around today that I realised just how naughty my dogs are without the stern discipline of their human Daddy.
 They completely took advantage of me - every single one of them. I can't even blame Freddy as Maddie and Mutley were just as bad. If I left the room for one minute they howled, I had to go out to the garden several times to retrieve various shoes and I went for a bath and was gone for 15 minutes and came back downstairs to utter bedlam. The waste paper bin had been dragged around the front room, stuffing had been ripped out of my already tatty but comfy sofa and there was a half chewed pen and pencil in about 100 pieces.
Thank God Alastair felt well enough to feed the horses and walk the dogs - and fingers crossed he is well enough for a bit of canine control tomorrow.

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