Thursday, 20 September 2012

I really AM a diet devil - hence the title of this blog!

So I've kept it quiet and any avid blog readers will notice that I haven't mentioned what I have been eating for the last couple of weeks.
 This is because I have only got so much space to write my blog and it would take up a LOT of room to list it all.
I have been a regular member of Slimming World since December 2010 and have barely missed a single week. I originally had the Take That concert in June of last year to spur me on but since then I have been up and down more than the proverbial yo yo. I have also got into naughty habits where I will succumb to a biscuit and then think to myself ''oh sod it, I'll have some wine and chocolate'' which I know is stupid and has done me no favours so this needs to stop as from now!
If you're overweight and manage to lose weight, one of the negative aspects to it is the pressure that you find yourself under.
Pressure from yourself - I am my own worst critic and feel that I have to be 'all or nothing' - this is totally stupid really - so what if I have a biscuit? It will NOT make me put on 3 pounds but the crap that I follow it with will.
Pressure from other people - I lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago when my kids were little and I was still doing the schoolyard stint at 3.15. I remember one of the kids' grandads ( incidentally he was a lovely fella and I know he meant no harm ) used to stand and chat to me and used to say how well I was doing. If I ever mentioned that I had eaten a pasty or had some wine he would always say ''ere - you don't wanna be doin' that my robin - you'll put on all that they weight again'' . Also, if you're out in thin company and eat anything ( quiz night for example ) there is always someone there to ask if you're not on your diet anymore or to remind you how many calories are in a cheese butty.
People that are following any form of diet do not need to be reminded by thin people that they are on a diet or that chips and sausage rolls aren't healthy. We already know this!
So back to my point - a couple of weeks ago I felt that I needed a break from 'dieting' - I had got into a bad pattern of 'all or nothing' which wasn't doing me any good at all so have had 2 weeks holiday from going. I have eaten what I wanted when I wanted , have even attempted to count calories and 'fast' a couple of times - and it just aint working. My body is used to the foods that have helped it to lose weight and I dont think my body wants to change.
I have now decided to go back to the group so that is where I will be on Tuesday. If I lose 'only' half a pound a week then it's still a loss and I need to try and come to terms with that. I have still lost loads of weight and as nice as it would be to lose 2, 3 or 4 pounds every week, then this is no longer going to happen. My current dilemma is should I go back and continue or go back as a new person? If I do that then my weight loss so far will be erased but the thought of a fresh start does appeal to me.......
So what if I take the scenic route to target?
So what if I have the odd 'bad' day?
So how much wine can I drink before Tuesday?


  1. Liz, that's actually a really healthy way to think and feel, and so good for me to read. I must admit going back a sw virgin has been pretty positive for me. I am also helping it along with some exercise. But this is also sporadic due to Olly et al. A pound a week = a stone by Xmas. I'd be more than happy with that!! Welcome back my friend. xx

  2. It's hard isnt it? I just basically love food! x