Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lots of sleep and a proper job roast

So today I had the rare indulgence of no work so decided to go back to bed with my kindle.
 I am nearly halfway through our book group book and I need to finish before the next meeting as I won't be allowed to attend - it was a rule that I imposed due to non readers so I have to adhere to it! I managed to read quite a bit more but then I succumbed to a lovely little nap and when I woke up I thought 'hmmmmm, sod it, I'm not cooking dinner'. So I rang our local pub and a table was booked at The Sheaf of Wheat.
I adore Eric's carveries - they are just totally lush and indulgent ..................and the wine isn't bad either! I think it's a reflection as to how good a pub /restaurant is by the amount of local people eating there and the place was packed at 6 pm and it would also be packed any other sunday of the year which is good.
 I had roast pork and all the trimmings and I also had a strawberry gateau ( Slimming World - please don't judge - I am coming back on Tuesday ) with ice cream which Martha helped me to eat and it  was like angels dancing on my tongue. 
My next dilemma 'diet' wise is when I return to fat club on Tuesdayis -  do I carry on and take my inevitable gain on my chins or should I go and be a mid west baptist teenager born again virgin and reaffirm my Slimming World vows?
Any sensible suggestions would be grateful.......................I am drinking a diet coke whilst weighing up my options - it will be the only weighing that goes on in this house until Tuesday morning - ''sob''