Saturday, 1 September 2012

And then there were 4.........

The last hectic day of the season and I am giddy with a mixture of relief and pleasure!
For the first time since July 12th we are now a family of 4 again - but not for long as Hattie goes back to uni in Cardiff in a couple of weeks.
 Claire our friend from France has been working here for the summer as has Nicolle, Hattie's friend from uni and they went back this morning - tired but with a few extra pennies and no doubt some tales to tell about Cornwall.
I hate saying goodbye - I had a few tears in my eyes as I waved them off but the moment then got swamped by the last proper busy Saturday and the first day of September.
The weather has been gorgeous - I happen to love this month . It always feels so new to me - it reminds me of going back to school and new adventures and I happen to love the slight chill in the air.
I am now sitting alone in complete silence, apart from the sound of the dogs breathing and snoring and I am loving it!
And now the silly season is finally over, I can maybe start focussing on what I hope will be the final stage of my weight loss. I have been relatively good all week and intend to shift the last of it before December 25th - I don't want to use the 'C' word as it's far too early, but I'm sure you get what I'm referring to. Now that would be the best  present ever.

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