Monday, 3 September 2012

Don't worry my lover, there's no meat in it!

Well today I have not eaten meat! I have had porridge and banana for breakfast, a lovely deli salad for lunch and  I made the macaroni cheese pictured above for dinner ............and I have to say it was delicious that I didn't think about steak or bacon or chicken at all. I do think the lack of meat was compensated by tons of cheese though. How anyone can do without meat or cheese is anyone's guess , hats off to them but I couldn't do it......and don't get me started on quorn.  If you read some of my earlier blogs you will see that I hate quorn.
Quorn sausages = the devil's fingers
Quorn mince = the devil's dandruff
Quorn fillets = the devil's ass cheek
And before anyone comments saying ''but it tastes just like chicken'', believe me, it doesn't.
I have total admiration for people that are vegetarians, even more for vegans and I wish I had the willpower to do it every day of the week. I love animals and the meat I do eat tends to be locally sourced and organic, but I just want to try and cut back.  My friend's daughter in law is a vegan and she will admit that it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice and she always looks happy and healthy so it obviously does work for thousands but after one day I am racking my brains as to what I could have tomorrow that would fit in with Slimming World , fill me up and keep me interested.
Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month and that means it is Book Group - yay! I started the group in January 2011 and can safely say that everyone that goes loves it. Initially I just wanted to discuss good books I had read with other people  - there's nothing more frustrating when you're itching to talk about a really good book and nobody else has read it. Around month 3 food was introduced to the equation, and now we all bring a plate or dish of something and it seriously is good stuff.
Over the last year and a half we have covered about 18 books , most of which I wouldn't have picked off the shelf but that's the beauty of it all - it opens our minds to new things and it also prompted my husband to buy me a Kindle last year...... I had ummed and ahhhhd for ages about getting one but I am well and truly hooked.
As well as our deep intellectual discussionsm we have lots to drink and eat and generally put the world to rights on anything and everything. New friendships have been made, extra curricular activities have been explored,  a LOT of laughs and we all  count the days off to until the next one.
My moral dilemma at the moment is - I know that one of our ladies is making a sausage plait tomorrow night - do I try and go meat free again or do I have a couple of merlots and give into the pork and pastry???
Watch this space........................................

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