Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The aftermath

So tonight was our very intellectual book group - and contrary to local myth we did discuss the book and not just eat lots of yummy food and drink loads of wine.
The book we were discussing was Sue Townsend ( Adrian Mole stories ) and The woman who went to bed for a year. As the title suggests, it's about a woman that when her twins go off to uni decides to get into bed and to stay there for 365 days. It's a sort of comedy, quite dark in places and I'm sure all of us with grown up children can identify with it in some way or other. I know I am always up for a cheeky afternoon siesta away from everyone and phones and the calls of 'Mum' and cooking dinner etc etc but am not sure I would want to be there for a year. I would obviously want to come out  least once a month and go to book group at the very least.
I managed to lose 3 pounds at fat club this week - everyone is very impressed, but bearing in mind I actually gained 3 pounds last week I am really no further forward.  I have had a big plateful of naughty stuff tonight, and yes, I did succumb to a very meaty sausage plait and possibly one of the best victoria sponges I have ever eaten, made by my friend Mel. I should also mention that there was a fat club crisis this morning when the scales broke at the weighing session and the fact that I was the last person to weigh on them pre breakdown is purely coincidental!
Tomorrow is another week in the land of fat club so I am going to wake up dedicated and motivated for the week ahead.
Will I be a vegetarian tomorrow?
Has the sausage plait given me a taste for more meaty treats?
Will I ever get to target?
Tune in tomorrow and find out x

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