Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday flowers

So today is Friday and the first day of my working week. Have I mentioned before how much I hate Fridays? Everything goes wrong and I still have to organise myself and others for tomorrow. It technically wasn't that busy today and should have been easy but as seems to happen every single week, someone will let me down.
They may only have a small flat or cottage to clean but by texting in sick - or worse than that, just not turning up it means that I have to rearrange everything at the last minute in between answering the phone, answering the door, handing out keys, giving directions and generally having a little nervous breakdown.
Today was no exception and I had had enough! Every single Friday throughout September I have had people unable to work at the very last minute. I do acknowledge that holiday property cleaning is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to a career choice, but in Cornwall when most jobs rely on the tourist industry there isn't a lot of options.  I often wonder if they would be like this if they worked in an office or Tescos and I do quite get cross that as it's 'only cleaning' it seems to be the first thing to be dropped when people tot up their list of priorities for the week.
Julia witnessed my meltdown - the tears flowed and in between gulps and snot I managed to convey why I was so upset. I do hope that this hasn't clouded her perception of me as a calm and cool person.............
Martha did her last day of work experience at the flower shop over the road and brought me home a beautiful boquet that she had made herself.
 She doesn't particularly want to be a florist but is quite creative and has really enjoyed working there this week. The fact that the shop is literally about ten paces from where we live was a deal breaker in choosing her work placement but she has had a great time. Lizzie the owner of the shop is a realy success story - she took over the running of the shop and bought it when she was , I think only 20 and has built it into one of the town's most thriving independent businesses.
Hattie is off to visit 2 of her friends at Cheltenham Uni this weekend and has also been job hunting. The novelty of having gone out every single night since she returned to Cardiff seems to have worn off a bit now and it's time to knuckle back down to her studies. It's 9 days since we took her up there and I am counting the days until I see her again.
I too must knuckle down to the joyous task of sorting out my end of month invoices and  wages and then it will be October ...............and another 4 Fridays.

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