Monday, 10 September 2012

The Boomtown Rats were right!

Does anyone else remember The Boomtown Rats circa 1979? They had a massive number one hit called 'I don't like Mondays' - it was about a high school in America and when the culprit was asked why they had done it the reason that they gave is the title of the song.
Now today I haven't been on a shooting rampage but I have had a headache from start to finish. To start with, I am still not sleeping particularly well and yes, you've guessed it, noisy people outside late at night - at the risk of sounding like a broken record it has now started to have a very negative effect on my life. I slipped into blissful slumbers around 11pm last night only to be woken a couple of hours later by car door bangers, a few jolly drunks and a couple having a heart to heart on the wall right under my window. It is quite warm at night at the moment so sleeping with the window closed is not an option for me and some friends have suggested ear plugs but I don't know if I  could handle things being stuck in my ears all night. I have also tried Nytol tablets but they didn't work and as I'm not a fan of pills and potions I am not going to the doctor. I really don't know what to do and I know that I moan about this a lot - but hey, everyone needs something to moan about!
So, this morning I was not feeling as fresh as a daisy and my mood gradually worsened when I was plagued with the usual day to day trivialities of a Monday morning. I think if I wasn't so tired then I would have dealt with things differently - maybe a few strong merlots tonight may help the zeds be a bit more forthcoming.
Martha had her first day back of her last year of school today - I tried to take a photo of her to put on here but she was having none of it. I have loads of pictures of them both when they were sweet little girls with frilly socks, pigtails and ribbons that matched their school jumpers, all looking excited and eager for their first day in a new class or school. How times have changed - Hattie is bursting to get back to Cardiff - 3 months at home is a long time when you've technically left -  and all Martha wants to do is turn 16 , get riding Cinderella ( the trusty moped she has inherited from Hattie) and leave school!
So instead of listening to reading, looking in homework diaries, early baths, ribbons and bows, I now have sixth form college open evenings, revision for her remaining gcse's and the terror of knowing that she is out on the roads of West Cornwall - on her own!
Do I wish that I could turn back the clock?
No of course not - I love my girls being grown up.
The only time that I wish I could turn back the clock is when I wake up from 2 hours sleep on a Monday morning!

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