Sunday, 30 September 2012

Heavenly spuds.........Tuesday is another week.

So today I have pottered about and have finally got round to making the delicious potatoes dauphinoise that I have been hankering after all week. I could have gone for low fat - a friend of a friend found me a recipe but I was weak and caved in and I have to say the aroma of thinly sliced potatoes simmering in warm cream and garlic and topped with gruyere cheese is just too too lovely.
There is just something wickedly indulgent about cream and garlic and I know I had every intention of eating super healthily this week and I know that I will probably need a pint of Gaviscon before bed but I just want those potatoes and I feel it may do me more harm in the long run to deny myself and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Last night was a good night out - starting at The Sloop on the harbour front. I love this pub - everyone always seems to be in such a good mood down there and it's got the beautiful view of course. By the time we got to the restaurant we were all a little tipsy - some more than others! - and I was starving. I had my usual food but stuck to vodka and diet cokes so today I had no hangover and managed to get all the things done that needed doing.
And tomorrow is the start of yet another week and on Tuesday I will go to fat club and be a bit more motivated.
The only potatoes I will eat will be jacket ones.
There will be no cream at all on them.