Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day one and no belgian buns.....

So I returned to fat club and I had gained 4.5 pounds.
 In the grand scheme of things this is acceptable. I reckon if it hadn't been for that flipping belgian bun yesterday I would have lost a couple.....it was the size of a small European principality - speaking of which - if anyone in Monaco is reading this, then please follow me.
I weighed and then made a hasty exit.
 Basically we had no food in our house this morning so I had to do a dreaded Tesco shop. We had enough milk for one cup of coffee each and the couple of slices of bread we had left had gone stale. We also had no shampoo or shower gel.
Martha was not happy .
I am lucky that social services haven't been alerted to her plight.
So off we went - have I mentioned before how much I despise supermarket shopping? I'm an online gal through and through as I figure I spend less, ie, no subliminal freshly baked bread smells to entice me and no special offer doughnuts at every corner.....but I had left it too late to shop online so I had to man up and do it the old fashioned way.
I was ruthless - sort of.............there was a couple of packets of cakes for ( the very slender ) Martha thrown into my trolley but the rest of it was healthy healthy healthy!
I think I did really well bearing in mind I had committed the cardinal 'syn' of dieters and shopped whilst hungry. I had missed dinner last night as I had to dash off to do a quiz up at Morvah and the slab of coffee cake and then lemon meringue pie I had in the interval had not filled me up. I had gone to bed hungry, woken up hungry, grabbed a quick bacon toastie after weigh in and then had shopped hungry. It's a wonder I didn't rip open a tube of Pringles on my way round but I made do with a few slurps on a diet coke.
So a big pat on the back for me today - I had  a salad with yogurt and fruit for lunch and this delicious steak in a chilli and mushroom sauce with baby new potatoes roasted in their skins with garlic and green beans....
I have also had a cheeky glass of wine with it but
belgian buns
my lips
My next hurdle today is to watch The Great British Bake Off tonight - after watching it last week all I wanted to do was eat puddings.

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