Friday, 21 September 2012

It's oh so quiet...........

So today is Friday and the first weekend with us as a 3 again. We are getting used to Hattie being back at uni and judging by the photos on Facebook she is enjoying being where she is.
This time next week we will be a 2 as Martha is going off to visit her big sister in Cardiff. I think it's lovely that they get on well enough to do this, despite the fact that my house was a war zone for most of the summer holidays.
The memories of scavenged clothes, borrowed hair straighteners, mascara thefts and general sisterly hatred seemed to have faded into oblivion and Martha is looking forward to going to see her in Wales - oh and the shopping!
I think it's weird how quickly the dynamics of a house can change just by one person no longer being there. For me, it's less washing, a 25% better chance of getting into the shower, a tidier kitchen and a 50% decrease in the likelihood of 'Muuuuuummm' being shouted.
The fact that Martha brought home prospectuses for 6th form college today also made me think that soon we will be a permanent 2 again. I'm not sure what to think about this - we are so used to having a houseful of kids and their friends that it will be strange to say the least.
And while I'm on the subject of 6th form - how times have changed. Kids actually seem to enjoy further education these days! The high school I went to had an extra 2 years for 'a' level students and I can honestly say it was the most mind numbing 2 years of my life. We had to wear a uniform right up until we were 18, I did English ( yawn ), RE ( double yawn ) and History ( just shoot me now) and I loathed every minute. History in particular was the killer - we studied 17th and 18th century European and British history and honest to god, it made me want to stab myself in the baltics.
My girls both love history so it must be a dormant gene that's skipped a couple of generations. I am glad that they both find it so interesting and I often wonder if it's me or if it was the teachers or just Brandenburg Prussia etc that made me despise it so much.
And at this precise moment I am on my own - all I can hear is the sound of sleepy spaniels snoring - and it's lovely.


  1. I can't even begin to think about what the house will be like without Sam. It makes me want to blub.

    However I like the idea of peace and quiet too!!

    Lovely blog, as always. x

  2. Ah thanks - I love peace and quiet x