Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All ready for the off.........

So tomorrow's the day - Cardiff  here we come. Hattie has spent the morning packing all her wordly goods - this didn't take too long because most of it was still packed from when she came back in June. I don't have a big kitchen and there was no room to put another slow cooker and another kettle and another toaster etc so they have remained in boxes on top of her wardrobe and underneath her bed.
The house she is moving into is apparently 'palatial' and I can't wait to see it. Anything can be an improvement on last year and it will be nice to have a proper lounge to sit in all together instead of trying to squeeze into a cell. It makes me think back to when I was a student at Leeds Poly in the late 80's and some of the houses and flats that were for rent there.There was an accommodation office called Unipol which dealt with all the rentals and they had a wall of shame - ie, pictures of mushrooms growing out of walls and black mould infested kitchens etc. How things have progressed now though - her new place is all laminate floors and granite worktops and I can't wait to see it tomorrow.
I am not looking forward to the journey though - it's possibly the most boring journey in the world after you manage to get off the A30. I have got my £6  to cross 'that' bridge into another country and am ready to start trying to pronounce all the Welsh road signs.
When we took her last year we went the wrong way on the return journey and ended up in Swansea. I remember Hattie ringing me an hour after we left asking where we were , to which I replied ''errmm not that far away''. Living in Cornwall where there are no motorways,  neither I nor my hubby are especially savvy when it comes to leaving or returning to the South West. We do know the way now and if we leave at the wrong junction then I'm sure my iphone's satnav will put us right.......hopefully.
I have got a dogsitter lined up for the spaniels, someone coming in to sort the cat out, Martha being fed at Granny's and a friend meeting the farrier with the horses ( very bad timing ) so all that remains is to get going as early as possible.
A new term and new home for Hattie and back to us being a 3 again until Christmas.
Hwyl Fawr Cernyw - Helo Caerdydd!

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