Sunday, 10 July 2011

Is that your boob or your belly?

I have been blog free for a couple of weeks as I have for once in my life been speechless or in the case of blogging, wordless.

I have however, decided to blog today.........
I am tired and grumpy. Daughter number one was out last night in Penzance - and even though she is nearly 19, I never settle until she is home and safe , so it was 3 in the morning when I eventually got to sleep. I was then woken by the screech of seagulls at 7 so am not in the best of moods!

My weight loss seems to now have slowed down - I am ok with this - sort of - and sometimes need a kick up the bum to remind me that I HAVE done well and to not get disheartened. I had a mini rant at fat club on Tuesday as I had been good all week and had not lost so much as a gram and everyone agreed with me that life and diets can be unfair - but hey ho, onwards and downwards I hopefully go.

I have since my last blog done the following -

had all my hair chopped off - something I am glad I did and am very happy with the result

Become addicted to Ebay - something I have dabbled in before but am now a hardcore bargain hunter!

I have been out and about buying some new clothes, but as  anyone else that lives in Cornwall will verify, as lovely as our county is, we're not exactly spoilt for choice in terms of retail.
It was then that I decided to go looking on Ebay - my eldest daughter seems to nab good bargains all the time and I have already purchased a few bits and pieces.
A lovely new dress ariived yesterday so I dashed upstairs to try it on - now even though I have lost weight - my chest hasn't. The dress itself fitted in the body bit BUT it didn't in the boob department. I had to wedge it over my head and pull it down and contort myself into all sorts of strange positions and once it was on the fitted chest bit had actually squashed 'them' into all sorts of strange positions too. My youngest daughter ( not known for her tact and diplomacy ? walked in and witnessed the spectacle and prodded the mass of me that was sticking out and said ''Mum, is that your boobs or your belly''. Oh how we laughed! She then removed me from the dress, which once again, was like a military operation.
It is now hanging in my wardrobe and I will try it on again soon...............

On the culinary front - I have tried twice now to be really inventive and failed on both accounts.

Flop number one ( literally ) was my 'pavlova' - Egg whites are free on slimming world, as is sweetner . I calculated the quantities needed and threw it in the overn and waited............
It certainly had the look of a pavlova - but once it was out the oven it flopped - it flopped more than anything had flooped ever before and ended up in my bin.

Flop number two - I decided to make a lovely couscous cake on Friday night but had run out of mincemeat. ''Aha'' I thought, as I rummaged through the cupboard - ''prunes'' - surely some chopped prunes and a bit of mincemeat would be a worthy substitute?
WRONG - I am a fan of the prune - they are lovely with custard and are quite nice on their own but NOT in a cake! My friend Marina ( my egg lady ) has chickens and according to her Mum they eat anything - so guess what's on their menu this week? I only hope any future eggs don't have a prune taste to them.

Business is busier, but not manic yet - I am just about staying sane ,
Hattie's leaving to go to uni is fast approaching and I am not thinking about it,
I have been good again all week and have my fingers crossed for Tuesday,
I am having a couple of my fat club buddies round for dinner on Tuesday evening and am attempting a choclate cherry roulade which is just a posh version of a swiss roll  and a lasagne. These are 2 dishes that I know I can do well, so really nothing can go wrong can it? Read next week's blog to find out!