Thursday, 13 September 2012

Don't laugh but I have a project...

Ok so as there was nothing on telly last night apart some old episodes of Friends ( the one with Bruce Willis being a 'neat guy' and very very funny) so I decided to look at some other blogs. There's a lot of them out there, and loads of them seem to be about people making things. From cakes to furniture the blog world has it all - but one in particular caught my eye..... a lady who has started knitting cushion covers. She was in turn inspired by Lauren Saunders an American lady who seems to be doing very well with  her needles , yarns and designs.
Now back in the 1980's lots of people knitted - I remember a very fetching glittery dusky pink batwing effort that took me ages to make and was admired all across Northumberland! In those days, it was cheaper to knit and sew and my Mum was an excellent dressmaker and my Granny and Aunties always had a pair of needles on the go. I remember Christmas 1983 ish I knitted loads of pairs of fingerless gloves - they were the thing to wear on your hands that year darling and for a while those gloves really were the new black.
I haven't the patience or the skill ( or my Mum nearby ) to do any batwings or gloves but even I can knit a square and make a wavy pattern can't I???? All I have to do then is to sew the square onto some backing material and then stuff it .....or alternatively get a cheap cushion from RJ Supplies over the road from me and just sew the knitted square onto the front. That's what the lady in the wool shop told me to do and I reckon she knows best.
And while I'm on the subject of wool shops - what a lovely place it is - I fingered lots of yarns, bought some needles and a tape measure and met a very nice lady called Pauline who knits cute little animal toys. I came away inspired and figure that it will be fairly easy - it may also keep me away from eating naughty things.
If my finished product smells of Cadbury's chocolate - it is purely coincidental - honest!
Clickety click - I'm off to cast on!


  1. creativity is such a stress buster! I am sure that the doggies will love pulling apart some knitted cushions Liz xx

  2. I will frame it Terri - away from curious jaws and paws x

  3. I want to learn to crochet too. Can you do that?