Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A new home with old friends..........

So we're back from Cardiff and exhausted! Straight there first thing, an hour or so to unpack the car and then home again to Cornwall. The house Hattie has moved into is certainly not palatial as I had been informed but is a million times better than last year - and guess what? her bedroom is a decent size!
This is a pic of Nicolle, Hattie, Carla, Kelly and Kristen stood outside their new abode and obviously very happy to be back together.
When we got there the other girls were out so Hattie took a few moments to sit on her bed in her new room and survey the surroundings. I told her to look glum for this picture because she was going to miss me and her Dad so much - and she obliged, but I think once her friends turned up she just wanted us to go and get on with being a second year!
The area that she is living in is certainly a lively community - her house is on a proper high street with proper thriving shops that sell a variety of goods that ordinary people will need and use. As much as I love St Ives, most of the shops here are geared for the tourists and any essential shopping has to be done elsewhere. There is 2 Co-ops, a Spar, a fruit and veg shop called 'your 5 a day', a poundland, a gentlemen's outfitters, some furniture shops, a pharmacy, a mosque, several kebab shops ( good job I don't live there). a chippy, a Subway, a tattoo parlour, loads of  hairdressers, a pub on the corner - and these are only the things that I noticed whilst driving past. It's totally multicultural and has a great vibe to it - this I am glad about - I think she'll be happy there and I am happy knowing this
. My hubby and I talked on the way back about kids leaving home and the only way that we can settle is knowing exactly where  they are living so we can picture it in our heads and know they are safe.We also talked about doing the same thing again in 3 years with Martha........
Hattie is off out tonight to a club where the drinks are only 90p each so reckons that she can go out and have a good time on a tenner.
I am recovering from a long hot journey with a glass of wine.
The house is quieter already.
Yes, I did cry - but waited until we were out of sight.