Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sweet jesus, not the 'g' word!

So I have lost nearly 2 stone since the end of March. I do admit that part of it has been stress related but who cares? I could have maybe done without the sleepless nights , panic attacks and questioning of my role in the world and self worth etc but, hey I HAVE LOST NEARLY 2 STONE!
And on the back of this - the 'G' word has reared its' ugly head.
G is for GYM.
Youngest child has been pestering me to go. I am thinking about it. I am caving in to pressure. I am going to buckle. I just know I am. And you know what?
I joined last year with the best of intentions and after sitting gazing out of the window one Sunday morning whilst riding an exercise bike I did think to myself...''why the hell am I here? It's Sunday morning for god's sake. I should still be in bed'' and so it wasn't long lived.
I quite like the swimming and the hydro running class is good and if I join am I going to stick with it or last maybe a month like last time? Will I ever be able to coordinate myself on a cross trainer? Will I ever truly understand the settings on the treadmill? Will I ever attend a spinning  class and really will I ever become addicted to it?
I think the answers to the questions above will be
not a hope in hell
no way
don't be ridiculous
But I know I will still join just to toss into the conversation here and there, ''hi, I'm off to the gym'' and ''sorry I missed your call, I was in the gym'' and ''where's my gym bag''.
 Personally I will give myself 2 weeks until I think enough is enough but it's the thought that counts.
And then of course, there's that old wives tale that muscle weighs heavier than fat so whenever ex fat club buddies used to join the gym they would always put on weight the following week. I don't want that you see. It will knock my confidence and may make me want to eat butter and crisps and drink more wine that I do already.
It's a tough decision to make....................and thinking of it logically, my youngest child would probably rather pluck her very eyeballs out than be seen dead with me in a place of sporting activity so the fact that she is hassling me to join, should be infact that she is hassling for me to pay for her to join. Hmmm.
It's a toughie alright and when I think about it I may just go and dust off my trainers........


  1. Gym is great, Liz. Just get the right music and when you've worked hard enough, you'll get a serotonin hit. I go three to four times a week and do bootcamp twice a week too and it feels great. Do it!

    1. I am going to! Will keep you posted lol x