Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's good to have your feathers ruffled.................oh and some wine

So last night was book group and blimey, it was very emotional. The book we were discussing does not make pleasant reading by any stretch of the imagination and I think a few of us were uncomfortable saying that we 'enjoyed ' it. How can you 'enjoy' a story about the murder of a child and the events leading up to it? And there is also the aftermath, not only for the victim's family but for the ones that committed the crime and their family too.
We have read many books now in our group. members come and members go but there are always the die - hard - core faction that will have plenty to say....and last night there was plenty to say.
Some tasters.......................
''Nothing was ever as straightforward as it seemed. How even criminals could be victims. How even killers could be in need of love''
''People could tell, simply by looking, that the boys were born evil''
''Ten years old and would never be any older.................of a girl they never knew existed, until she didn't''
Nature or nurture?
Do the abused always become abusers?
Did the emtotional neglect and bullying of one less confident boy lead to the attachment to the rougher and more hardened second boy who appeared to instigate the crime?
How would you feel if it was your child that was the victim?
How would you feel if it was your child that was the murderer?
Do we hang them or help them?
Tears were shed, voices were raised, people were calmed, food was eaten and wine was sipped. I didn't sip wine, I glugged cider and it was lovely. I enjoyed seeing everyone so passionate about the written word. It brought a warm glow to my already cider flushed cheeks. That's what it should be all about. Emotional and thought provoking.
I first read this book about 4 years ago and loved it. When I was deciding which book to choose for book group I had almost forgotten about it as I read so many but it came back to me in a flash of inspiration. I decided I should read it again and I am glad I did as I had forgotten quite a bit of it. Also, since having been writing more and more recently, this time I paid a lot more attention to the actual language and the ( almost poetic ) style of the book.
So for any of you readers out there? READ THIS BOOK
Any of you non readers out there? READ THIS BOOK
Just do it!
Whether you love it or hate it - you will definitely finish it with a different opinion than what you may anticipate................and I would love to hear what it is.

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