Friday, 7 June 2013

More non diets, blue skies and onwards and upwards.

So I am firstly going to do my non diet update.
Am loving no longer being a slave to those pesky scales once a week, am loving being able to open the fridge and think 'hmm what shall I have?' as opposed to 'oh, what am I allowed?', am loving being able to have a scrape of peanut butter on my toast and I am going to say to all you dieters ( again ) - chillax - give yourself a break and just go with the flow. If you don't deny yourself anything, then you are less likely to want it. This is a comple and utter fact. It has taken me 45 years to realise it but I am glad I did.
This week I have had lunch out - I could have had chips but I didn't.
Book group buffet? I could have had the a second plateful and cake but I didn't. My friend Suze went up 3 times to that table!
Off to a barbecue on Sunday - I could take my own stuff but I wont. I will eat a burger with confidence.
Three examples there and I could give more - any of my ex fat club buddies reading this will know exactly what I am going on about and I hope that they too will liberate themselves from the shackles of calories and give the non-diet a go too.
The summer is still here and it is everything we could ask for. It's hot, the skies are blue and I officially love St Ives! Even days that it hasn't been that hot to start with have ended up scorchers. Ah how quickly we forget those long cold wet winter months when it is like this. Everyone is in a better mood , including myself, and let's be honest, I'm quite a miserable cow at the best of times!
Last night Debbie and I went to a friends house for drinks and chit chat and in the taxi on the way there we had to ask the driver to put the air-con on. We were melting......and it's not just because we are pre-menopausal, it was fantastic!
And finally, I am being overwhelmed again. So much to do and such little enthusiasm for it all. The things I have to do are a means to an end for the things I want to do and the bit in between is a bit of a pain. Sometimes I want to bury myself in a hole and for everyone to go away but unfortunately that is not an option for me.....or in all honesty, for most of us really.
I am still trying to man up regarding certain life events and despite most thinking how bolshy and assertive I am, I do have my panics and my anxieties and even though the warm weather and the non diet make them a bit bearable, they're still there. I think they always will be, but I need to stop letting them take over my day - and night.
Onwards and upwards.

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