Tuesday, 25 June 2013

CAKES!!! No thanks, I'll just drool like a Victorian orphan at a sweetie shop window..........

So this photo does not do the size of these 'teacakes' justice.
At a loss for something to do and after having been very busy this morning  I asked my friend Lisa to come with me to M and S and Next at Hayle this afternoon. We mooched and poked around stuff and to be honest there was nothing neither of us really wanted to buy so we went to the Costa Coffee shop next door. I had a ridiculously large and overpriced cappuccino and Lisa had a brew that apparently tasted like 'washing up liquid' but we had a good old gossip.
The drinks may be cack but the cakes were looking good. Lisa and I are always on diets so we squealed and drooled. I love a Tunnocks Teacake and the ones in this photo were gigantic. They were the size of bowler hats, which oddly enough is what I used to call them when I was a bairn back in the day.
Due to our self imposed restrictions and our general obsession with all things naughty we genuinely got excited at what was on offer. Muffins, gateaux, those teacakes, flapjacks etc etc , they were all there but we stuck to our yukky drinks. Of course, being on a non diet I could have had one but at the moment I have iron tight discipline and don't want to risk a trigger.
You see normally cakes don't really float my boat. My trigger is definitely bread or wine or chocolate or potatoes or butter. It's hard when you want to eat them but know that one nibble will mean more and more. My youngest daughter is a great cake maker and my kitchen is often filled with various brownies and slices of things that smell and look lush and I can generally ignore them but sometimes it would be nice to ram one in my gob and not think of the consequences............
It's a busy time for me at the moment. Both daughters are working a lot and youngest madam has the finals of the public speaking competition in just over a week and the subject she is talking about is .
I missed the last round and so am planning on being in Stafford next Saturday to cheer her on. I would like to think I will behave better, but I will be the proverbial showbiz pushy mother in the front row mentally cheering her on. It's all very stressful but good stressful and the trainer, Hugh has already planned which curry house we will be dining at on the way back. It's one of those that has the extra large naan breads that are as tall as a person.,.... I can't wait!
And this is why I said 'no thank you' to one of those teacakes.

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