Sunday, 30 June 2013

Early mornings, dead rabbits and total resilience on the roof!

So I did the 4 am run this morning but am up, am up! I am not tired honestly - I am fine. The eldest and 2 friends were drunk and I heard the sounds of TC ( tactical chundering) when I was trying to get back to sleep but they are all alive today.
I had to come home the back way along all the windy country roads  and had the misfortune of running over a rabbit. It was a clean kill but I'm sure that I decapitated him as his body went in 2 separate directions. I hate seeing roadkill by the road and I have so far managed to avoid contributing to it and I hope karma doesn't come back and get me.
That's life - or not, for that poor little bunny.
As it is Sunday that can only mean one thing -
It is not sunny but it is dry and it is warm. That's all that matters as far as we are concerned. We love the Pednolva Hotel and especially the 'sun' terrace and we will be there catching up on our moans and groans of the week. I 'm not sure that there will be any other rabbit murderers amongst us but I do like to be different. Having said that, there are a couple of new characters joining our throng today so maybe there will be...............

Just back and lots of laughs from all concerned. Lisa and I dressed for summer. We both ignored the odd raindrop and the fact it , let's just say. wasn't the warmest day, and we put on a brave face. Actually it was bloody freezing. Lisa wore a short dress and I had on a flimsy skirt and flip flops. We could both clock the goose pimples on each other's legs but we kept smiling.............and drunk magners on ice.

That's what it's all about. Good banter and good laughs and planning on a special afternoon next week where it is a certain member's birthday and I'm sure that after I had had a vodka after my magners that I may have rashly promised banners and juggling midgets............

Looks like I have a bit of planning to do.

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