Monday, 3 June 2013

Arseholes - there's one in all of us, but some more than others.................

So I am back down to earth today with a bump. No sat on rooftop terraces dolphin spotting for me or sipping on an icy Magners. Oh no! It's Monday and the officialdom of the week has begun. I am glad that I had a brilliant fun filled day yesterday as I have barely raised a smile since getting up this morning. Actually, I have a couple of times, but  I shan't go into that now.
I deal with all sorts of people. Most of them are 'nice' - not that nice that I would want to hang about with them , but still 'nice'.
Others are arseholes - complete and utter big fat arseholes and it only takes one of them to pull the rug from under my feet or to knock me off kilter that makes me question how their minds actually work. If they work at all that is.
I am not going to bore anyone with the intricate details of today's arseholeism - it's boring the hell out of me and I'm the one that got arseholed so goodness knows what my avid blog readers would make of the whole story but suffice to say I have had a little growl today.
I am a noisy person. I can be quiet at times and enjoy being quiet at times but I also can stand up for myself. It's my basic survival instinct kicking in. What those that may not know me as well as they think they do will think is that I am someone that enjoys a good old barney.
I do but on the following subjects.
Politics - Love nothing better than some political banter.
Religion - As above. Love it love it love it.
Conspiracy theories - Love it! And Debbie if you are reading this - nobody has ever been to the moon.
The general state of the nation - can fall into any of the 3 categories above really but love that too.
Dogs on beaches in St Ives - personally I don't really care but like to fly the flag and ruffle them a bit as I'm a dog owner and the opposition to it are all a bit neurotic.
And that's about it really. I could list dozens and dozens of other silly things that I am more than prepared to roll my sleeves up about.
Sometimes it is better to walk away and turn the other cheek. I find this difficult but I still do it more than most would think. I don't like to think of it as backing down but more of an ''okay if you say so'' attitude which I think gives me the moral highground.
I did this today to someone that I honestly think should know better. I am being very patronising when I say that I am more than a little disappointed in their behaviour and that I am well aware that there are other issues causing their arseholeism so at the grand old age of 45 ( how the HELL am I 45?) I am rising above it. I hope they sleep well tonight.
On a jolly note, I am treating Leanne to lunch tomorrow as a thank you for her support last week. I had her down as a KFC girl but the cheeky madam wants to go to Caffe Pasta in St Ives. It's lovely there and in true non diet styleeee I have perused the menu and in about 19 hours I shall be nibbling a steak with some salad - no chips !!!!!
Quiz tomorrow night, which I am writing in between blogging and book group on Wednesday and writer's group on Thursday so there will ber some laughs galore in the next few days.
It's not all bad - you just have to be arsehole selective.