Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I knew his brother you know...............Oh and there was Will Young and Janet too!

So I have been to the big city and I am back!
A flying visit to London to see my best friend Nicola and my long lost cousin Stuart in Oxfordshire and of course, to see The Pet Shop Boys at the O2 Arena. I am shattered and I didn't sleep very well ( I like my own bed ) but it was just what the proverbial doctor ordered.
On hindsight, maybe I should have pre-warned Nicola about my sketchy last 6 months before I got there but I managed to cram in a brief synopsis and it only took me an hour so I made it as concise as possible. I think..............
The Pet Shop Boys have been one of my favourite 'pop groups' ever since the 80's and when I was 19/20 ish I went out with someone from Newcastle that knew the lead singer Neil Tenant's brother very well. We even stayed at his house once ( the brother's  not Neil's ) and that is my sort of claim to fame.
It was a proper show. Most of the people there were in their 40's and / or gay men and it was a fantastic atmosphere. They did some new stuff but mixed it in brilliantly with their old stuff and they even had Example make a guest appearance halfway through. I was proper star struck. I am quite possibly a saddo and I drank far too much but it was fantastic.
I adore Cornwall and I love its' easy going way of life and I would never want to live in a city again but I am so glad I went even though I felt like a bit of a country bumpkin next to my city slicker friend at times.
The train journey up where I was forced to use the loo on the train and was a very brave soldier.
The mad woman that got on at St Austell that tried to catch my eye.
Nicola not being able to park at Paddington so me having to try and find her using the satnav on my Iphone.
Going to visit Stuart in Oxfordshire and we all started talking with Northumbrian accents.
2 glasses of red wine, a double vodka and diet coke and a WKD- THIRTY QUID!
Nicola and Sona going to the bar and not being able to find me. When 'Go West' came on I shrieked 'eek' and grab the man next to me's arm and said 'ooh sorry, but it's my favourite song' and he said 'ooh don't worry, fingers crossed they will do 'Always on my Mind' ''- they did as a matter of fact, it was the next one, and he then grabbed my arm and hugged me and we eeked together.
Nicola and Sona saw Janet Street Porter in the loo. I pointed out that I see her in St Ives a lot anyway.
The bloke called John that  we were talking to that showed us photos of his kids, who had gone to the show on his own and claimed he was straight!
Me making Nicola laugh so much she cried but I cannot divulge what I said - far too personal! But still very funny.
Nicola and I saw Will Young at Liverpool Station this morning.
My hangover this morning.
People with Bo on the tube - no need!
Sitting opposite someone eating meat of a dubious origin crammed in a baguette.
A fire at Reading station which meant that in order to catch my connecting train from Plymouth I had to jostle old people out the way.
One of the arseholes that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.
The O2 Arena - simply stunning.
. Thank you Pet Shop Boys for an excellent show.
Back to normal now - whatever normal is.

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