Monday, 24 June 2013

New do's for the dawgs.

So today has been one of those days when I have chased my tail and run around like a blue arsed fly but I have still actually accomplished quite a lot. I did have a bit of a humiliating incident  first thing but I really do not wish to disclose the finer details. It is over and done with now so I will not lose any more sleep over it.
Mutley was back at the vets this morning for his post op check up. The rumours are that they are building a new wing over there very soon and that it will be named after 2 of my 3 dogs. I am going to be making a speech and cutting the ribbon and it's all very exciting. I am joking by the way. Really laughing. If I don't laugh, then I will cry.
And as for the other 2 spaniels, Maddie May Marmalade and Fredrico Chico Humperdink ( Maddie and Freddie for short ) they had the delights of a visit from their favourite West Cornwall dog groomers Lesley and Keith, aka, Dapper Dogs. Mutley was booked in but bearing in mind half his body is already shaved and he may bite them if they touch his dodgy elbow, he sat today out. I don't think he's that bothered really.
Maddie looked like an overweight sheep pre- dappering and she loves Lesley and Keith so it was a nice day for her.
BEFORE ..........
It was Freddie's first time being washed shampooed and blow dried and having his nails clipped and his anal glands squeezed - the big difference between these 2 dogs is that Maddie loves having her photo taken and Freddie doesn't but here goes.................
Now you lot may not be able to tell the difference, but I can and they both smell of flowers. Mutley is growing more and more frustrated that he isn't allowed out and the waft of a sensual mist about Maddie drove him a bit hyper and 3 working legs or not he was trying to play 'wheelbarrows' with her but I yelled at him and he stopped.
So I now have 2 beautiful groomed spaniels, one with a dodgy leg and not so beautifully groomed, all traces of seagull poo are gone from my own hair, I did something today which was humiliating but needed to be done, I have avoided contacting the arsehole, I have made plans to be even more productive in a creative way tomorrow and I have given Leanne my scales to safeguard until saturday.
And this is why I am giddy with the thought of having a couple of roast potatoes with my roast chicken tonight.
Carbs are not my enemy. I just need to know as and when to spend time with them.

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