Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back to life , back to reality , three legged dogs and all that ............. oh and welcome back to the arsehole.

So London seems a dim and distant memory now. I am back home, back in St Ives and I think that everyone that  lives here sort of missed me a bit. It was agreed by all members of my household that we all needed a break from each other so maybe things will calm down  now they have enjoyed a Liz free couple of days. The house was still standing, everyone was still alive and I came back to as many pets as I had when I left. My next trip is already in the pipeline.
The subject of my arsehole blog reared its' ugly head yesterday by email . Now the question I am posing here is -
do I email the arsehole back in anger
stew another couple of days and then email the arsehole back with more anger and a bit of venom thrown in as well?
That's only something I can decide but your thoughts are very much appreciated. I am known by some for being an askhole, ie, someone that asks for advice but does what they want anyway so I can't guarantee that I will actually take any advice on board but I would be interested in seeing what you all have to say.
Mutley's leg is buggered. His screw has come loose ( a bit like mine) and he is staying at the vets to have another op tomorrow. I predict that after hundreds of pounds and a lot of sleepless nights that my poor dog will lose his leg. It's not something I want to think about but I reckon that's what will happen.
Things to keep my pecker erect -
Writing group is going well and some very good ( and funny )  work is in the pipeline.
Fat is no longer a feminist issue for me - non diets rock!
I have had a lovely couple of hours and a good old moan with my friend Lisa.
Maddie, the stone swallowing spaniel has recovered.
Freddie my puppy spaniel is cute and in good health.
I am going to see Mickey Flannigan in October - watch this space for details - I am seriously excited.
I am still alive.
The X Factor starts soon and my craving for totally shit telly will be satisfied.
Barrack Obama referred to George Osborne as Jeffrey Osborne ,who was infact a cheesy 80's black singer and that made me LOL ROFLMAO snort and titter.
I have a fringe that I am control of.
And that is basically all I have to say.......until tomorrow.

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