Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I like wine. It's nice.

So today I went for lunch with Leanne. We ate at Caffe Pasta and the food was delicious and we had a window table and we people watched and we talked and laughed and it was lovely. The weather is really warm, but not too warm  and infact, it was just right for us pale and freckly people. I had steak and greek salad ( again ) and not a potato passed my lips. I don't miss carbs. Honest.
I did have some wine though. I haven't drunk wine properly for a while and it's only when I have it that I realise how much I love it. If I could eat and drink what I wanted then I would drink it with every dinner. With every meal, if truth be told, but I can't so I don't. I have had to have a cheeky disco nap this afternoon as I am going out again tonight and at the moment I feel a bit like I feel after dinner on Christmas day, not  hungover, just, well, a little bit tipsy.
Before lunch I went to visit my 2 favourite holiday property owners in the whole wide world. I seriously think they are amazing people and could sit with them all day. Their house is a shrine to 1940's England and they are too. Proper upper class and so switched on to the ways of our world. I always get offered a tipple no matter what time of day it is. I generally think that Mrs D has had a sherry prior to my arrival and she always tells me what she is reading and she shrieked indulgently whilst telling me she had read the ''first 50 shades book and have you dear?''. Mr D said it was 'poppycock' but shrieked a bit too. My mind was boggling but I was glad to see them alive and happy.
Mutley was taken to his second home again this morning. They have 'reorganised' his pain relief. His leg is not looking good but is still there. I am getting fed up with it now. He is doped up to his eyeballs and looks quite depressed in a way that only a springer spaniel can.
Off out again in a while for hopefully a fun night. I like the summer and I like wine and everything else will be okay.

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