Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stones/ Slates /Rocks/ Poo/ Blood - Chad can you hear me????

So the update is......Maddie went back to the vets this morning and I insisted they do an x ray. This was after  the waste of money blood tests. I am not angry, just very cross as what I said in the first place proved to be right.
She ate one in 2008 when she was a stupid young puppy and the symptoms she had this time were just the same. It was very distressing for me as if you don't operate they will die as the stone will attach itself to the stomach wall and rip the lining away but there is also the possibilty they will die during the op. Not the nicest decision  of my day, but one that I didn't hesistate in making.
Below is Exhibit A - Stone from 2008
Below is Exhibit B - Stone from 11/06/13
Both Exhibits Together - please note the slight blood smear. There was blood and poo on Exhibit B but I have suffered for my blog art.
The Eater of Exhibit A and Exhibit B looking slightly ashamed

It has been a long day so I have no more to say other than that after Mutley's elbow and Maddie's dietary habits , I wont be booking any holidays too soon.

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