Sunday, 9 June 2013

And in true British style..............we did it anyway......and another sick dog.

So the sun was out. I knew that it wouldn't let me down. The one and only day of the week that I want a bit of sunshine is today. This is so I can escape and relax for a couple of hours. And also there was the promise of a barbecue today ( as mentioned yesterday ) and the thought of not having to cook excited me. I had a vegetarian day yesterday ( not by choice ) and the thought of meat meant that I needed the weather to be rain  free.
Anyway, we had our rooftop drinkies and at that point I thought that my left arm would get the tanning it so missed out on from last week. We then moved on to the venue of the BBQ and the sun went in . I wouldn't say it was cold but no new freckles appeared and I definitely didn't need any ice to pour my Magners over.
But in true British style it went ahead. I have never seen so much meat in my whole life. You name the animal, there was a bit of it covered in oil and sizzled over those smouldering coals.
I settled for a chicken breast and a couple of sausages along with heaps of salad. That's what non dieters do. My friend Debbie made a potato salad which had all sorts of random extra ingredients but I admit -  it was bloody delicious.
I then came home to a poorly spaniel.
Maddie has been being sick all day and I am trying not to think that the way she is being sick reminds me of the time she swallowed a stone at the river bank and it got stuck in her belly. She is lying quietly beside me now but I think a trip to our vet ( the richest vet in Cornwall ) may be on the cards tomorrow. I am dreading it. But she is my pet and I need to make sure she is ok.
And I also think I have asthma. Either that or a bad cold and a nasty chest infection. I am going with the asthma as I always have to go one better. I have glugged bronchial cough syrup without measuring it as I am a rebel and I am now sipping a Magners that I brought home from the BBQ. If it doesn't kill me it will cure me.
And on that note I am going to avoid any wet disinfectant smelling patches on the hallway carpet and I may just do a freckle count while I'm at it.....I may be wrong and there may be one or two there that weren't this morning.

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