Saturday, 22 June 2013

bonjour le peuple du Tchad a lu ce blog svp!

So everyone liked my blog yesterday - maybe it was because some people thought it was amusing to see poop dribbling down my cheek. I must say if it was one of my friends in the same situation then I too would have laughed. And it was on the basis of this outpouring of literary love that I perused the www last night and found out that blogs could be published onto Kindle via Amazon.
I registered on it.
And that means there are different people all over the world hopefully now reading the mumblings and rumblings that I write about on their cute little electronic devices.
  I hope that some of these people live in Chad.
I am beginning to wonder if the good folk that live there actually have the internet. I don't have any friends from there on Facebook or Twitter but I am crossing my fingers that I soon will have dozens of them. I also think I may be counting my chickens before they are hatched and that your average Chad Lad or Lass will have no idea what the hell I am going on about.

I very rarely know what I am going on about too.
A few more updates from my day -
I have lost another 2 pounds on my non diet - wahoo!
I have had monumental strops of the teenage variety at my house today - not so wahoo!
I remember quite clearly being a vile teenager too so am not going to dwell on it. It's definitely karma!
There was a royal wedding in Alnwick and an old school friend posted a pic on Facebook of them all walking past ma old hoose man. It was canny to see that street again.
I have formulated a new life plan and  I am going to worry less and enjoy life more.
Mutley still has 4 legs. One of them is useless but it is still attached to him.
I found some more seagull poop in my hair tonight - I have fine hair but a LOT of it and that is the problem.
I wrote a fab poem last night. I have only written two poems recently and they are both very good, even if I say so myself.
I am planning on ridding myself of a certain arsehole. I am mentally composing the email at this very moment. It will be brief, catty and to the point.
I have given up carbs and am sort of managing. Potatoes are my favourite vegetable but I really don't miss them at all, not one little bit of their cheeky taste and texture and yum and oh my god I must stop thinking about them.
I am hoping that the sun comes out tomorrow as I feel a cheeky rooftop magners would be nice.
I was a bit optimistic wearing a summery skirt today. I didn't get shat on but I got p***ed on several times and my legs are still cold and white and a bit pimpled.
I found out that the primary language of Chad is french, hence the title of this blog. If you want to know what it means then google it.
And on that jolly note I am going to do something delicious for dinner that involves prawns.....and obviously no potatoes.

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