Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dream a little dream? Good memory or active imagination?

So who dreams? Come on - put your hands up!
The answer is that we all dream but it's just not all of us that remember them the following morning. I always do. I'm like that. When I am stressed ( like at the moment ) I suffer from the strangest and most graphic dreams ever and I often spend a lot of the morning after  analysing what they could mean and what this says about the 'real' me.
Last night, I slept like the proverbial baby in that I was awake every couple of hours and the dream that I had  was strange - very strange.
It had various parts of my life, past and present, it had a couple of surreal bits, one not very nice bit and one bit that made me laugh. I have asked a clever friend to analyse it this morning and they did and apart from one bit that I didn't agree with ( but maybe I do subconsciously?) I think they hit the nail on the head. If they read this they will like that I have said that as they do think they are always right. I also think I am always right, so there is always an interesting discussion on the cards between us.
Anyway, now I have had my dream chopped into pieces and told what each bit signifies I can forget it and get on with my day. I will keep thinking about it though, no matter how hard I try as it was one of those dreams that stay with you.
When my Dad died I desperately wanted to dream about him. I wanted to hear his voice and see him and preserve his memory. It was a while until I did but when I did it was exactly the dream I would have chosen . He was walking along the street in Alnwick and I ran up to him and slid my arm through his. It was at the right height and angle to me and he turned to me and said ''I'm ok, pet''. This may sound a little contrived and even cheesey but that's how it was.It assured me.
I have often dreamt that people have died and have woken up the following morning with tears running down my cheeks.
I have been thirsty in the night and have dreamt I am drinking orange juice ( which I don't even particularly like ) and I can feel every icy wave running down my throat.
I have been on a diet and behaving myself and have dreamt that I am eating cakes.
I have had the recurrent dreams of the typical kind - being chased by dogs ( not spaniels ) , being lost in woods, drowning ( my choice of accidental death ) and ones where I am in a house where the house is a combination of lots of different houses I have lived in.
It's all good stuff. It shows my mind is still working amongst all the tedius stuff I have to tackle. I once even had a semi prophetic dream involving a boy when I was 15 and bizarrely that dream lead to a romance because of the dream. Weird but true and strangely self satisfying.
I don't eat cheese before bed, I try and relax , I read a bit and think a bit and yet I still dream. I was prescribed super strong sleeping pills form my doctor last year which knock me out. I have taken 3/7 since November but they are there by my bed almost like a little comforter for when the insomnia and bagged eyes get too much.
The three times I took them I didn't dream...............or perhaps I did but the meds blocked my memory. Am not sure if this is good or bad?

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