Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lunches, quiet quizzes and a bit of croaking.

So yesterday afternoon after a delicious lunch with Leanne my throat started to hurt. Really hurt. I am coughing a lot too and I'm sure my glands are up and all I want is my Mum to give me a lemsip and some lockets and to tell me everything will be ok. That's what mums are for isn't it?
First I will write about the nice stuff , my lunch for example. I love going out for meals. I simply adore it. Caffe Pasta in St Ives is right on the wharf, literally a few feet away from the sea and the food there is delicious. Me  still being on a non diet decided to have a steak - but without the chips ( it's all psychological you know ) and I had a greek salad instead. This was a combination of 3 of my favourite ingredients - steak, olives and feta cheese. Too good. I didn't feel the need for carbs and I was proud of myself for being in control . I also didn't have a pudding - if I had then I would have had the creme brulee but I was full so I resisted. The only thing missing was a fat glass of merlot but as I had to drive later on  then I settled for 2 glasses of diet coke, not quite the same but hey ho.
We gossiped, we shrewed and we people watched and some of the sights we saw made us feel a whole lot better about ourselves. The shrewing continued by text after we had gone home too. Sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest and yesterday, we both need to cleanse ourselves a bit of people and situations which quite frankly have been getting on our nerves. So feeling suitably purified I then headed off to the quiz that I had done for the happy campers at  the local campsite.
Well last week it was packed and this week there was only 2 teams! One of them was the ladies from book group and the other was a group of blokes that used to play in the local quiz league a few years ago.
We had a laugh. We all sat together and I didn't even need to use the microphone as my voice was loud enough without. There was a little bit of cheating, but that's ok amongst friends and I am not sure that 'a bear' really is the correct answer  for 'what was Ted in the film Ted?'. I was looking for 'teddy bear' but I'm not one to be pedantic............much.
I drove home at break neck speed as by 10pm I was feeling rough and my throat was feeling even rougher. I had intended on buying some Lockets from the shop but forgot and despite the warm balmy evening I was stone cold and shaky  when I finally got home.
Today? Well I have still got a sore throat but thankfully I can speak. I have felt better but I have also felt worse. I need to man up and get on with stuff . My Mum isn't here to look after me and I am going to hazzard a guess that nobody in my house will give my too much sympathy, so there you go. That's life.
Tonight it is book group and we are discussing the book that I chose last month. It is Boy A by Jonathan Trigell. It is meaty and gritty and very controversial ( a bit like me ! ). I am looking forward to what everyone else thought about it and I predict a lively discussion. It's going to go 2 ways - hang em or help em. Me being a liberal type of gal, I don't agree with the death penalty and I think the central character evokes a lot of sympathy througout but my lips shall remain sealed until 8pm.
And if any of you are wondering what the hell I am writing about, then go and get the book - it's a cracker.
And on that note, I am going to gargle salt and gird my loins.

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