Sunday, 23 June 2013

I have nothing to say but you've come this far so please read it.

So all I got from my French 'Chad enticing' title yesterday was lots of French people which is very nice but they're not Chad. Unless they are Chad people on holiday in France? Do people from Chad go on their hols and if they do, would they go to France? If anyone could thrown any light on this then I would be really grateful.
Today has been one of those days when nothing has really happened. I had a lie in, I got up and ate a huge full english breakfast ( low fat obviously ) ,  I did bits around the house and then as it wasn't raining, I decided to go to the Pednolva for a rooftop drink. I had to come back at 4pm  to dogsit  Mutley  as he still cant be left on his own so I only had one lovely Magners with ice, lost my sunglasses, found them again, had a quick chat and a laugh with some friends and then wandered home. Sometimes you need days like that.
My peace was shattered not long after arriving home when Hattie squished a baby seagull whilst driving up the lane behind my house. I know seagulls are a pain and I know they are noisy but I hate seeing ones that have been injured or killed. It's that time of year when the baby ones fall off roofs etc and have to be rescued. The problem is that once they have been touched by a human then their mummies wont go near them. This one has been given a stately burial in the wheelie bin and Hattie is feeling guilty, but unfortunately these things happen at the best of times.
I have been writing a few more poems recently and have had a good idea for a longer story but am not sure I have the attention span for it. I do love my poems though and I have to admit that some of them are quite good. I posted a few a couple of months ago and am not sure if my blog readers would say the same as  they were largely met by silence.  Am not sure as yet what I am going to do with them or if they will ever make me rich or famous but it is something that helps me relax and takes my mind off other stuff.
Oh and speaking of other stuff - some people really annoy the crap out of me on facebook! I realise that I am probably a person that annoys the crap out of a lot of people in the same way, but I really do think that certain folks should curtail what they are saying.
Yes, I post a lot of stuff but if you read closely , none of it is much of a revelation . I post updates of my life in general but there is certain parts of my life that I wouldn't dream of writing down for the world and his wife to see. I would like to delete some of these people but as myself and a couple of friends have already agreed - we can't - ''it's car crash'' - no matter how horrific it is, we can't help but watch...................... Is this sick of us or wrong?
 I'm not so sure if it is either of these thimgs or maybe it's a case of ''there for the grace of god go I''? 
There are also the statuses where people feel the need to say how perfect their lives are. Now I know I am a bit of a miserable cow at the best of times and my life is far from perfect but some are just vom inducing over the top ridiculous to the point I cynically or quite rightfully think ''who exactly are you trying to convince here?''
And on that jolly uncharitable note I am off to plot and plan.

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