Saturday, 29 June 2013

All I want is an effing chip! At least I had a bap though.............

So today was 'weigh day' and I lost another pound. Woo hoo and all that. It's the time of the month when I don't tend to lose so I was chuffed with it. Onwards and downwards yada yada yada.
And it is Saturday and it has been busy and I was starving so I was forced to eat something I try to avoid and that was..............
It was egg mayo, it was huge and it was doughy. I know there was butter on it and I didn't care. I was a non diet rebel for a brief time today. I do admit though that during and after eating it I did think that it may reappear at some point as my frail ( ? ) non carby type digestive system just doesn't do shit like that no more.
Well the good news is that 7 hours later it has stayed down and so I had sirloin steak for dinner.
With salad.
There was no chips. Not even my special 'healthy' chips.
God I miss them so much I could cry.
I have often said that potatoes are my favourite vegetable and if I was doing Slimming World still then I could wolf them down like there was no tomorrow. But I'm not - I have sacrificed rules and regulations in favour of food freedom and unfortunately when chomping on the big bap at lunchtime I knew deep within my heart that I had thrown away my chance of a chip.
I just can't do the bread and potatoes in one day any more but it seems to be working so I'll stop harping on about it and be thankful for rocket, cucumber and tomato....oh and the spring onion that I treated myself to as well. They tasted just as nice as a chip. I am going to change the subject now before I get emotional.
On a brighter note I have told eldest child that I will collect her from Penzance at 4am tomorrow morning. I do not know why on earth I said this I am shattered and there is always the risk of an emergency stop for a quick chunder. She hasn't been out much since returning from uni as she is working off her massive overdraft so I suppose that's why I said yes. It's all about timing though. If I went to bed now I wouldn't sleep so I may as well stay awake until midnight and then set an alarm. It's not a long drive but once I have dropped off the various other passengers then it will take almost an hour and a half and by the time I get back the gulls will be out squawking.
Whatever , I still plan on having rooftop drinkies tomorrow.
No chips and early mornings?
I have to have some fun don't I?

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