Saturday, 1 June 2013

Put the mouse back in the house buddy, this is a family establishment. Oh and I am going to eat avacado!!!!

So summer is here! Hallelujah and all that jazz. It's packed , it's hot, it's sunny and there are people everywhere. Literally everywhere, there's no escaping them.
There is also no escaping some of the sights I have seen today.
I promised my friend Rachael some fab pics.
 I never seemed to have my camera ready at the right moment and I don't like to be ( too ) obvious, but by golly, I've seen more tackles today than the All Blacks. I know that warm clothing is silly in this sort of weather and I know that Cornwall is almost continental but come on - whack your shorts on mate if you want to wander around eating a pasty or slurp on an ice cream - it's not nice watching you doing it when you are popping out of your speedos.
I have re read that last bit and I have obviously turned into a more common version of my mother - oh dear, it had to happen sooner or later. I'll be reading the Daily Mail next and thinking that all women with short hair are lesbians.
Maybe I'm just being grumpy about it all?
Today I was reminded very sharply how horrific my weekends are so I am possibly just being a killjoy, but being a killjoy is one of the many things I am good at.
Other things I am good at - ermm, writing blogs, taking photos and being on my non diet.
 I love my non diet - it rocks! I have had peanut butter on toast today and I am even going to have an avacado and prawn salad for dinner in true retro 1970's stylee. I admit that the stress of the last few weeks has probably dulled my appetite but it's so nice to eat what I want when I am hungry as opposed to eating things that I didn't particularly like just because I felt I had to. I am going to sneak off to Leanne's and have a weigh to see how I am doing. I am feeling positive!
I have a busy week ahead and one of the things that I don't like is feeling overwhelmed. I am feeling this at the moment. I am out for 3 nights and then it's the weekend again. I do have a nice lunch out planned on Tuesday and it's book group and writing group on Wednesday and Thursday and I have to write 100 questions for a quiz on Tuesday and I have to work tomorrow and I have to start thinking about my London trip and if I get there through train or plane and many other aspects of officialdom that I will not think about until Monday.
It will be fine - I have my avacados and I have some wine left from last night.
This will erase the memory of those speedos........................

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