Monday, 10 June 2013

Poorly pups, cakes, crunch and lots of poo.

So Monday morning dawns again. I am still feeling a bit rotten and am still drinking cough mixture straight out of the bottle with complete and utter gay abandon. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, but there again so do a lot of things these days and needs must etc etc. I am still stressed and today started with a bit of a blubber and a panic attack and being told to 'calm down' and this was all before 9am.
I did a quick whizz round town today to do 'stuff' and to deliver Martha to work. She is a waitress in a gorgeous little cafe in St Ives and as her hobby is baking she took in a batch of her infamous chocolate and raspberry brownies for them to sample. They were a success so she has gone off with more this morning, this time with cranberries in instead and she is already counting the pennies that she is planning on making. I leant her the initial £8 for the first lot of ingredients so am just calculating how much interest to charge on her new business loan.
  The dog is still looking rough and at the best of times she is not the prettiest looking dog in the world. Her eyes are glazed, she can hardly breathe and she is not happy.The vet agrees that she is really ill but cant decide why??? She has had a full check up, 2 injections and some tablets and been sent home for us to keep an eye on. She has to go back there tomorrow morning for more tests . If  her condition gets worse then she needs to go to the dog hospital at Truro. Remind me why I have dogs???? Ah yes, the joy they bring.
 And I was in so much of a rush to get back for the dog to go to the vets that I drove into my poor battered Berlingo parked outside. In all fairness there wasn't much ( more ) damage done , but I need to remember where the reverse gear is on Hattie's car. Either that or I really need to stop driving. I also narrowly missed a few tourists on the harbour that appeared to be oblivious to the pavement but hopefully I will get them next time.
On a funnier note - I was gossiping to Leanne today when we both got splatted by a seagull. I never cease to be amazed at how much liquid there is in one of their poops. It got my chest ( which would be hard to miss ) and my left foot, Leanne was narrowly missed and we both decided in between 'yuk' and 'eww' to go and buy a lottery ticket. It is meant to be good luck and let's face it, I could do with a bit of that right now. We all could .
So, in between car crunches and ill spaniels and profiteering teenagers, let's all keep our fingers crossed that we get shat the best possible way of course.

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