Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nothing evokes optimism like blocked sinuses and a thunder clap and the thought of a BBQ.

So today is Saturday and that means that tomorrow is Sunday and that can only mean two things.......the sipping of drinks outside and the watching of the sea and dolphin spotting. Is that actually 3 things? Oh I don't know.
What I do know is that when I awoke this morning there was no sunlight streaming through my window and there was no blue skies with the odd fluffy cloud hovering above the sea. I have sea 'glimpses' from my bedroom and today at 7am the sky was the same colour and temperament as the sea - grey and angry looking.
Within the hour the thunder had started . Not horrendous and no forked lightning but a few distant rumbles and claps. Then came the rain. Big fat spots and the whole of St Ives, through the medium of social networking said 'awww no, we were just getting used to the summer!' I know I certainly was - after my fantastic tanning of my right arm last week, this Sunday I was intent on evening up the score by getting my left one to match. It wasn't looking good but after a few shuffles about on my trusty Iphone it said that the summer would return at around 12pm and give or take half an hour or so, it did just that! Hooray and all that! We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Crowds cheered! Gulls squawked and mackerel frollicked in the calm and now once again blue sea.
And as well as the alfresco drinkies, there will also be alfresco nibbles.............or more precisely -
I personally love nothing better than a good old BBQ. They are just fab and lovely and wonderful, and if you time your alcohol consumption just right then it doesn't matter if the meat is slightly raw in the middle, or the salad has wilted or the bread has gone chewy in the sun.
Dodgy tummy the next day? Blame it on the heat.....or in my case, blocked sinuses, which I am sure are so bad that they could be the cause of some sort of bileous onslaught if I think about it hard enough. My sinuses will not be beaten. I still have a mouth to breathe through and I am sure the aroma of burning chinese styleee chicken drumsticks tomorrow will give them a good clear out. The pain I will ignore as it's just one of those things.
 Just incase though, I am going to squirt some Sinex nasal spray up there later - and can I just say that I am being very brave as sticking things up my nostrils does not come easy to me. It's a bit like someone else doing your mascara for you - you know it wont hurt but there's always that chance your hand will slip and some permanent damage will be done.
So with the thought of possible food poisoning but clear and squeak free sinuses and the distant memory of a bit of thunder? - that's what is keeping me optimistic today.


  1. Make a salt water solution and snort it up your nose. That will make it better quickly :-)

  2. Oh god I dont think I can. I'm funny with my nostrils lol x