Thursday, 17 October 2013

There's rather a lot of chilli left and who needs bacon when you've got eggs? And the joy of .......soup!

So further to my announcement yesterday that I was going meat free for a week, I have been given  a lot of advise as to what to cook . Some of it was from vegetarians and some of it was from meat eaters that just happen to have a few meat free recipes. I am overwhelmed but I draw the line at marinated tofu. And you all know my loathing of quorn.
I made a chilli last night and as I am the only person in my house that eats it , there is still tons of it left. It looks like I am having it reheated for lunch today and quite possibly tomorrow too. This is fine as I love it and I especially love it the following day when the flavours have had more of a chance to infuse. I am actually sounding like some sort of chilli expert there and I'm not but it's true. Things always taste better the following day.
So in 2 days time it's goodbye to bacon..........and hello to , ummm, eggs?
I am quite partial to an omelette but if I am honest, it's usually bacon that I put in it along with cheese and mushrooms so I'm not sure if I will be quite so partial after a week. And of course there's the whole fish issue, or 'fishue' as it shall now be known. I try my hardest to like it, I really do and I adore shellfish but cod and plaice leave me cold. Unless they are wrapped in batter and served with chips obviously. And as I am still trying to follow the fat club rules then I cant really have that can I?
I am also going to attempt soup!
My mother used to always have a pan on the go and I have to say it was the best soup I have ever tasted and nothing I could make could ever hope to rival it. There is also the whole 'what do you dunk in it' scenario as although soup can be tasty, it's even tastier with some homemade crusty bread and butter wiping up the last bits. I am notorious for making crap soup even when I follow the recipe and maybe it's because I am comparing it too much to the soup of my youth. I am not sure what my mother used to put in it but it just got added to day by day and it was never placed in the fridge overnight ( Northumberland in the winter wasn't exactly snug and warm ) and none of us died of food poisoning, we just got on and ate it.
So in a week when I am feeling a little flat at times I have something to focus on. I will not say that I am looking forward to it because I do honestly love meat but if my foul mouthed cousin can go without swearing or being lewd for a week then I am sure I too can change my habits for 7 days.
Oh and I also finished the quiz. I have read through it and corrected a couple of bits and am sure it will raise a few eyebrows tonight amongst the anoraks. I personally think quizzes should be fun and I don't think that sport and politics fall into this category at all. I haven't dumbed it down that much but I have made the individual questions easy as I know from bitter experience that getting a stinker of a question that you have to answer on your own with ten pairs of beady eyes watching you, is no joke.
And tomorrow I am having a meal out with a few friends and I will have the steak and I will savour every mouthful and I wont get all huffy the following day when I crack some eggs into a pan.
It's all good............................

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