Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day One - I am prepared.

So we had a lovely night out. I obviously had no pudding but I had a starter. Sardines with salsa and then of course my steak and Greek salad. I watched 3 of the other ladies eat puddings and my heart ached a little bit but I wasn't hungry and that's the rule I give myself. No room? Then don't shove it in. I didn't even have wine but I did have a few cheeky voddies and I don't wish to count how many.
And today is the day. I am meat free. I am cool with this. I have planned my day. I'm not even having fish! It's veg all the way.
My biggest problem I think will be my neighbour Lovely Mike. He runs a B and B and his kitchen window is right next to the back of my house. The smell of bacon frequently wafts down my hallway and permeates every room. People come here and ask what I am cooking and it makes me want to grill bacon. I have an inking that he hasn't any guests in at the moment and I hope this is the case.
But back to nice things. Our meal out last night was intended to cheer one of the ladies up and I think that the desired effect was achieved. Lots of laughter, a few serious bits and then to the pub afterwards where they had a musician playing. He had a glockenspiel and he had indian bells and he had a set of maracas.
  I bet he was a vegetarian!
All we wanted was something we could sing along to but he did all of us his own stuff and although everybody clapped politely it was total rubbish. He then came round and gave us all a card with his contact details on and as I was being marvellous I took it and smiled. That's what vegetarians do.
The plans for our cake table are now well under way. We are apparently going to dress like perfect 1950's housewives as Leanne already has a dress that will work ( Boden of course ). I don't. Not even my minging dress , if I fitted it, would be suitable so I am going to have to do some research. Our table will be a homage to perfect and clean cut 1950's living which should be interesting.
I am just thinking that I also don't have a hangover today as I think I have that level of maturity to stop when I know one more may tip me over the edge. Plus I have to work today and I am also having a facial later and last time I got a bit worse for wear I had my hair done the next day and any form of beauty treatment is never good with the undercurrent of potential fainting or being sick. A friend texted me when I got back and did try and lead me astray by suggesting I have another vodka as they too were going to and I got the ice, I poured a teeny splash and then realised that I had nothing to mix it with and even though this friend reckons that vodka is best just with ice, I only had a couple of sips before I had to give up.
So I am all ready to face my 7 day challenge. I am going to have bread this week because I think that toast will set me up for the non meat days and all of the lentils that I am going to eagerly devour.
I am so raring to go. Bring it on.
have I convinced you all yet.............?

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