Thursday, 24 October 2013

Let them eat cake.........................please! And the life of a third year uni student.

So I went to Leanne's last night and we ate an Indian takeaway and we drank wine ( I drank much much more than her ) and we talked cake. Lists were made. We looked through books and discussed ideas. We got a bit excited and then we talked about Doctor Who. It was a good night. I first started watching when John Pertwee turned into Tom Baker and M's fave is definitely David Tennant and we are all looking to see how good Peter effing Capaldi will be.
I have to say that Leanne and M are very talented in the baking department whereas I am going to go for the more simple types of things. I thought some rock buns and blueberry muffins wouldn't test my expertise too much and I then got a bit over ambitious ( and had some more wine )  and an American cheesecake was mentioned. I hope to god that there are plenty of  takers for all of this as my kitchen is being turned into a sweatshop next Sunday and I want my one and a half stone sticker and although cakes aren't my number one naughty treat, they will be eaten if they come back here.
On to other things - namely my eldest daughter.
It sounds odd, but you get used to them not being around when they go back to uni. She has been gone a month now and I have barely spoken to her. This is not a problem - she is busy and I am busy but today we had a good old catch up. I asked her if she found it amusing seeing all the freshers drunk and emotional and she said that as a third year, she and her group of friends seem to be partying more than they did 2 years ago.  I knew this already as I do see the photos of their various nights out on Facebook and I did think last week that she seems to be hammering it but as long as she is happy and healthy and passes her degree with a first then I will be happy too!
That last remark was a joke by the way....................honestly.
And further inspired by H and her amazing healthy regime - she is always at the gym when not at lectures or in nightclubs - I am going to join one! She also claims to eat a lot of spinach, even for breakfast and bearing in mind the street she lives in has just about every takeaway known to man, then I think this is very  impressive. It's bad enough living where I do, with a Chinese, an Indian and a chippy all around the corner but imagine being able to see them when you open your front door?
I need something to fill my empty winter nights and have decided that as well as making cakes, writing my book of poems and my bestseller and going to book group, I should really get off my arse and do something. I am hoping that it wont go the same way as the last 2 times I joined the gym - ie, I didn't go but Sunday is the day - watch this space!
Maybe I will surprise you all and maybe I will even surprise myself.
Can a leopard change its' spots?
We shall see.

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